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Storm Damage Clean Up in Arlington

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A  quiet Arlington community woke up to the sound of thunder and snapping trees Tuesday. A gust of wind cut a path of destruction on Fallon Oaks, in the Ashley Oaks subdivision.

Sam Fricano's home was damaged. He said he was in bed when he heard the weather alert, and within minutes it was followed by a crashing sound

"We heard a lot of noise and the crash," he said.

The crash was from an oak tree that fell and sliced his roof open, breaking through the beams and his ceiling. Fricano said the water came gushing in near his baby grand piano. 

"We have lived here 23 years and never had a problem," said Fricano. "Fortunately this is the first problem we've had but it is a big one; it is kind of a funny way to wake up."

Fricano said his plans to travel have been put on hold until he can restore his home. A crane was called in to remove the oak tree from his roof.

James White lives in the same community. "I was just talking Sunday about removing it (tree), but now I don't have no choice, I can't postpone it anymore," said White.

White lives a block away, his wind damage was small compared to Fricano's. But he too woke up to the sound of a rushing wind and the thump of a falling tree.

"I woke up came to the window look through the window to the pool and this is what we saw,"he said.

Several tree companies were called in to help cut up the fallen trees, and skillfully remove the fragile limbs of those that look like they were in jeopardy of falling.

A consumer tip:

1) Before hiring a tree surgeon check for license and insurance.

2) Contact your homeowner's insurance to see what is covered and what is not.

In this Arlington community, the tree canopy does more than provide shade, it adds beauty and now it has created a mess for residents to clean up. Homes were not the only things damaged, a tree limb fell into the sunroof of a woman's Mercedes. The losses will be in the tens of thousands, but there were no reported injuries.                               















































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