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October is Peak Flea Season


According to a recent survey of dog owners in the Jacksonville area, 75 percent of dog owners consider their canine a member of the family, yet only 14 percent were able to correctly identify October as the month when flea population peaks.

Over the past five years, flea infestation in dogs nationwide has increased by 16 percent. Despite the growing flea infestation, local dog owners have limited knowledge about fleas and their potential impact on the family. For example, many pet owners would be surprised to learn that adult fleas represent only 5% of the flea population – the other 95% exist as eggs, maggot-like larvae and pupae hiding in and around your home. And, only 20% of local pet owners are aware that fleas can carry diseases.

Dogtober Celebration: Adopters Can Add a Dog or Puppy to Their Family for $25


The Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS), a non-profit animal welfare and education organization, is offering the opportunity to add a furry friend to the family for only $25 with its Dogtober Celebration. 

Shot, Paralyzed Dog Running Again with Heroes' Help

Shot, Paralyzed Dog Running Again with Heroes' Help

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Found shot in the chest at a Jacksonville gas station, the mastiff mix had little chance of survival, and showed no signs he would ever walk again.

"I thought we were going to end up having to make a decision to euthanize him," said Tammy Scott, a vet tech.

The dog, dubbed Bullet, met his heroes right away. Because he couldn't use his hind legs, Tammy Scott and Animal Care and Protective Services outfitted him with a special wheelchair.

"You don't see the determination very often," Scott explained. "Usually when a dog gets into that situation a lot of them give up, so it's just the strength and the willingness to want to recover, to want to live a normal life."

Soon, Bullet was walking without his wheels, and six months later, he was running like his old self.

We Want Your Pet Pics

"Ziggy the Shar-pei Sleeping" has inspired us to create a new photo gallery, starring your pets! Send your pet pics to mycommunity@firstcoastnews.com.

Animal Care & Protective Services Accepting Adoption Applications for English Bulldogs

Animal Care & Protective Services Accepting Adoption Applications for English Bulldogs

The City of Jacksonville’s Animal Care & Protective Services Division is now accepting applications for the adoption of 13 English bulldogs that were surrendered to the shelter as part of an eviction earlier this month. ACPS is cautioning potential adopters that English bulldogs in general, and these dogs in particular, require special and potentially expensive care.