High Gas Prices has People Looking at Motor Scooters | Transportation

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High Gas Prices has People Looking at Motor Scooters
High Gas Prices has People Looking at Motor Scooters

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Motor scooter sales have doubled in the last month at one local Honda dealership and the manager there said it may double in the next month.

The bad news is good news for some. "You've got to make the best of a bad situation, so we'll take it," said Jed Klimas, general manager of Honda Jacksonville on Atlantic Boulevard.

A lot of people who usually aren't consumers of power sports are looking at scooters and motorcycles, said Klimas. "They are kind of exploring that option now because fuel prices have gone up. It provides economical transportation and it's a little bit of fun so you get a dual purpose out of it."

The math tells you why. Two and half gallons of gas in a 150cc model will take the driver 150 miles, or 60 miles per gallon. Some smaller models get 90 to 100 miles per gallon.

Stephen Hunter, who owns a car repair business in St. Augustine, bought a scooter four days ago for several reasons. "I could scoot around town, go to the bank, to lunch and run my errands without spending a ton of gas..." said Hunter. "Also, it's fun to ride."

Another bonus is parking, he said. "You pull up somewhere and there is plenty of parking."

Motorcycle sales are not on the rise, said Klimas, but they will be if gas reaches $4 a gallon.  "It happened last time it got to $4." 

He said he thinks several smaller and less expensive 750cc models at his store will fly off the sales floor if that happens. Already, a dealer in South Carolina has called and was looking for 20 of the models.

The average model requires a motorcycle designation on your drivers license and that involves taking a safety class.


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