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Red Light Cameras May Be Coming To Jacksonville Soon
Red Light Cameras May Be Coming To Jacksonville Soon

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- If you have driven westbound on Atlantic Boulevard, you probably understand the complete frustration Isaac Ohayon has trying to turn left on 9A.  "There's a problem over here.  The light stays red for a very long time," Ohayon said.

Drivers say the problem along Atlantic Boulevard is the westbound turn lane onto 9A.  When the Atlantic turn arrow turns green, other cars are still coming off 9A, running that red light, causing a major backup on Atlantic.

School bus driver Sylvia Wyche said, "When the light does change, we don't have enough time to get across."

If you have gotten away with running red lights in the past, that may soon change. One possible solution to this problem would be red light cameras. They automatically ticket drivers who don't stop on red.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is currently looking at installing 25 of these cameras throughout Duval County in the near future.  A city spokeswoman said the goal would be to save lives.

The city is going to analyze the most recent crash data, to determine the most dangerous intersections, and install cameras in those areas.  The most dangerous areas can change each year, so they are studying the most current data. 

Angela Spears from the City of Jacksonville said there will be no cost to the city to install the red light cameras. A private company will send fines to red-light runners, collect the fees, and give a portion to the city. She did not know the actual split of revenue.  The city and the state are both checking the timing of the lights at Atlantic and 9A.


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