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Jacksonville Giants Treat DCPS Students
Jacksonville Giants Treat DCPS Students

Jacksonville Giants Treat DCPS Students

William Jackson, Andrew Robinson Elementary
Duval County Public School students were treated
to a rollercoaster of athletic prowess and comical
entertainment as the Jacksonville Giants battled
The Gulf Coast Flash.

The game was close during the professional basketball
contest; DCPS students enjoyed the opportunity to
see a professional basketball team which inspired
their own dreams of becoming professional athletes.
The Jacksonville Giants provided vouchers for the
schools they had an opportunity to visit before the
season started. Andrew Robinson was the first school
to be visited by the Giants.

During the game each team’s mascot engaged in
playful antics bringing cheers and laughter from the
fans. As MR. BIGGS the Giants mascot walked the
stands children happily gave him high fives and hugs.
The energy felt electrifying in Veterans Memorial
Arena in Jacksonville, Florida and kept the over 3,500
in attendance motivated and cheering for a win by
the Giants.

MR. BIGGS recently visited Andrew Robinson
Elementary along with several players from the
Giants and other DCPS schools as a partnership between
the Jacksonville Giants and the school system.
This partnership is a positive fit for encouraging
students to work hard for academic success. The
Giants are providing role models, and mentors that
display sportsmanship and a winning attitude, and
just as importantly the importance of gaining a quality
education by graduating from high school and going
on to college/university or vocational school.  

The Jacksonville Giants provided a fantastic finish
with a win three (3) seconds left that had fans jumping
from their seats and a thunderous roar.
As the crowds left several students from Andrew Robinson
Elementary and R.L. Brown Elementary happily and
proudly commented they wanted to go to college and
play basketball, then come back to Jacksonville to play
for the Giants. This is a great testament to the importance
and power of academics and athletics.

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