Audrey Moran Continues to Receive Big Endorsements

Audrey Moran Continues to Receive Big Endorsements

Audrey Moran, Republican candidate for mayor, received another prestigious endorsement.  NAIOP of Northeast Florida, the region’s commercial real estate authority and trade association, officially endorsed Moran’s candidacy for Mayor of Jacksonville.

Moran’s “strong commitment to economic development” and her vision for downtown revitalization were key factors in earning the endorsement said Karl Hanson, 2011 president of NAIOP of Northeast Florida.

“I am honored to receive the NAIOP endorsement,” said Moran.  “As mayor, I will make economic development a priority while bringing fiscal responsibility to City Hall.”  Both the NAIOP and JAXBIZ endorsements represent a strong support base for Moran within the business community. 

Education and Nonprofit Leaders Support Audrey Moran for Mayor

Beginning March 7, we will have the chance to elect a mayor who is a passionate advocate
for public education, Audrey Moran. Audrey wants to be Jacksonville’s “Education Mayor,”
because she knows that once Jacksonville gets public education right, our city will be unstoppable!

Audrey’s first priority is bringing high-quality, high-wage jobs to Jacksonville. She knows that
economic development means developing world-class schools: schools that will prepare all of
our children—in all parts of Jacksonville—to compete in the global marketplace; schools that
businesses will be proud to sell to their employees’ families; schools that we as a city will be
proud to display as our crown jewels.

Voters will Receive Sample Ballots this Week

Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland announces that today for the 529,866 voters in Duval county more than 299,853 sample ballots will be mailed, one for each residential household, for Jacksonville’s First Consolidated Government Election on March 22nd.

"Sending a sample ballot to each household instead of each individual is an effort by our office to save taxpayers over $70,000 dollars. This is made possible because the upcoming elections are unitary elections, which means all voters in a household will be voting the same ballot style. We are asking for each household to please share their sample ballot with each voter in their household", stated Supervisor Holland.

Public Testing Of Election Machines Is Scheduled

In accordance with Florida Statute 101.5612, the public logic and accuracy test of vote tabulating machines will be conducted by the Duval County Canvassing Board on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 beginning at 9:30 a.m. at the Duval County Elections Center at the Gateway Mall, 5200-2 Norwood Avenue, in the Equipment Room on the 2nd Floor.

Hogan Wins Straw Ballot at Tea Party Forum Last Night

Mike Hogan, Republican candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville, won the straw ballot at the First Coast Tea Party’s inaugural Mayoral and Congressional Town Hall last night. About 300 people were in attendance. First Coast Tea Party members present at this forum were the only ones allowed to vote.

Martinez Receives Highest Rating from Tea Party

The First Coast Tea Party announced Thursday that Paul Martinez received the highest rating among Group 2 candidates during the organization's speed rating event.

Mayoral Candidate Mike Hogan Receives Fire Endorsement

Mayoral Candidate Mike Hogan Receives Fire Endorsement

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There's another big endorsement for Republican Mike Hogan in his bid to become mayor.

Hogan picked up the support of the 1,200-member Jacksonville Association of Firefighters.

The endorsement came at the association headquarters this morning with union president Randy Wyse saying, "All we are looking for is honesty."

In accepting the endorsement on the platform of an old fire truck, Hogan told firefighters that he believes in honesty, but, "I'm going to represent taxpayers first."

Pensions and salary cuts are big issues facing city employees, but Hogan told firefighters that he intends to make sure they are "properly paid and properly compensated."

Hogan has already received the backing of the Fraternal Order of Police.