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Education and Nonprofit Leaders Support Audrey Moran for Mayor

Beginning March 7, we will have the chance to elect a mayor who is a passionate advocate
for public education, Audrey Moran. Audrey wants to be Jacksonville’s “Education Mayor,”
because she knows that once Jacksonville gets public education right, our city will be unstoppable!

Audrey’s first priority is bringing high-quality, high-wage jobs to Jacksonville. She knows that
economic development means developing world-class schools: schools that will prepare all of
our children—in all parts of Jacksonville—to compete in the global marketplace; schools that
businesses will be proud to sell to their employees’ families; schools that we as a city will be
proud to display as our crown jewels.

Audrey has put forth a new kind of education plan. Instead of pointing the finger of blame,
Audrey has asked a very simple question: “How can I serve?” In her careers in criminal justice,
government service, private law practice, and nonprofit administration, that question has been
Audrey’s recurring theme. And for those of us who know Audrey, we know she never flinches
in the face of a challenge. She attacks it head on. She’s ready to guide the transformation our
city needs by tearing down the walls between the mayor’s office and our elected school board.

That’s why, when Audrey decided to run more than a year and a half ago, she convened citizens
from all walks of life to talk about the following questions: What can a city do to enhance the
mission of public, private, and higher education? What can a city do to guide the transformation
of our public schools in the way they serve our students? How do we get more business partners,
more mentors for our students, and more support for teachers and principals?

Audrey is the only candidate who’s been asking these questions—and she’s the only candidate
who has listened to students, parents, teachers, business leaders nonprofits and others who are
seeking and offering solutions. The answers are myriad and complex. From the Jacksonville
Journey to Parks and Recreation, from the Jacksonville Children’s Commission to the Jacksonville
Chamber of Commerce: Audrey knows that when it comes to our children’s future, we can’t
leave any stakeholders behind.

That’s why Audrey has decided that as mayor, she will appoint a Chief Education Officer for
Jacksonville. This officer will coordinate all education enhancement efforts in Jacksonville to
execute Audrey’s vision of a more prosperous, better educated Jacksonville. Audrey knows
that what we do now to prioritize education in Jacksonville will determine this city’s course
for generations.

Will you please join us in setting the course for a more prosperous, better educated Jacksonville?
You can help by spreading the word to your friends and family to vote early beginning March
7th. Early voting information is included below and more information about Audrey
can always be found at

Together, we can move Jacksonville forward!

Signed by the following education and nonprofit leaders:

Chris Arab
Eleanor Ashby
Ann Baker
John Baker
Martha Barrett
Nancy Broner
Carole Byrd
Zak Champagne
Jeff Chartrand
Lois Chepenik
Jackie Cornelius
Larry Daniel
Barbara Darby
Julie Delegal
Brenna Durden
Cindy Edelman
Susan Edelman
Lynda Erwin
Meredith Chartrand Frisch
Susan Gallo
Susan Golden
Cheryl Grymes
Deborah Heald
Jon Heyman
LaShantah Holliday
Crystal Jones
Holly Keris
Joy Korman
Dinah Kossoff
Barbara Langley
Lynda Lewis
Hope McMath
Leila Mousa
Marsha Oliver
Ava Parker
Melanie Patz
Shannon Perry
Ellen Rosner
Ryan Schwartz
Emily B. Smith
Laura Stiegleman
Julia Taylor
Tracy Tousey
Jim Van Vleck
Joan Van Vleck
Cleve Warren
Lex Waters
Delores Weaver
Susan Wilkinson
Peggy B. Williams


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