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Christopher Steven Thompson - RIP
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Christopher Steven Thompson - RIP

Christopher Steven Thompson will be immensely missed by family and friends.

This is a tragic event that should never have happened. The warning signs where
there for the teen that ran into Chris killing him, but it seems no one was
listening or did anything to prevent this from happening.

How does a 16 year old with such a troubled background get keys to a truck in the
first place and commit this type of crime. It is an unfortunate accident, but it resulted
in a crime of taking the life of a wonderful young man.

Who owned this truck, why did the 16 year old have the keys, and who is parentally
and legally responsible for the 16 year old? They should be accountable and responsible
for these events too or are they going to blame it on "medication" and “the system” ?

Chris worked at Mayo in Jacksonville and was also a big brother to younger brothers,
a great son to his mother and father and a role model to young kids. He did positive
things and was a positive person. We don't hear about
the good people, the positive people until they are taken away.

Big Chris was a good and wonderful person that had awesome potential and talents.

 He was close to friends which are all grieving greatly now. Chris was loved by all, this
loss is particularly felt because of the holidays and the fact that Big Chris was such a great
person and friend, very caring, loving and helpful to everyone.

His passing represents incidents such as these should be prevented at all costs. Chris
contributed to his community in positive ways, he worked, helped his family, was loved by
his family and friends from here to Orlando, Tallahassee, and other cities in Florida and beyond.

The life of a good young man with great potential for good has been taken, he will be greatly
missed by family, friends,coworkers at Mayo, high school friends, and others.

Big Chris touched so many with a smile, a laugh, a handshake or a hug. Jacksonville needs
more young men like Big Chris that are doing positive and productive things in the community.
Working, going to school and helping their families.

God Bless the Thompson family and friends.
Psalm 23

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