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Homes seized in Allied Veterans of the World Investigation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's a list where you don't want to see your home.  Nearly five pages of addresses called the, "real property seizure list."  It's in connection with the Allied Veterans of the World scandal.

Neighbor Lisa Almeida said, "It's sad to me because you never know what's going to happen to that home."

The homes housed some of Allied's top leaders, all the way down to some of the lower level staff.  Our First Coast News cameras captured video of a number of these homes and researched their estimated tax value on the County's Property Appraiser's website.

The homes ranged from below $25,000 to more than a half million.  Word travelled fast in the neighborhoods.  William Jones said, "And the mailman came by and said that was him, it was kind of a shock really, I didn't expect it."

The State is acting on forfeiture laws, trying to show the connection that people purchased these properties with money from illegal activity.  With the recent government action in these neighborhoods, it's left neighbors with some concerns.

Almeida said, "It's more about wanting to protect the neighborhood and making sure you have good neighbors that care about the neighborhood."

Now the State will hold court hearings for the properties, and the owners will have to prove why they should not be seized.




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