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Lost and found: In search of a good Samaritan

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Darlene Moore's emotions have gone from nervous energy to pure joy.

She's one of the potentially thousands of people on this planet each day who misplace their wallet.

It stinks. 

"I had $200 in there," Moore said.

It's frustrating. 

"Along with all my ID and credit cards," she added.

But, for the most part, a lost wallet isn't really a news story.

Unless it's a major loss, typically we cancel our credit cards and go through the major pain of getting legal IDs renewed.

A lost wallet isn't a matter of life or death.

It typically leads to several days of inconvenience.

However, it's interesting to note the longer lasting emotion that comes with a found wallet, which is the case for Moore's missing bill fold.

"I'm just on a high because this all happened like 2 weeks ago, and I'm still elated about it," Moore said.

She had been shopping at Walmart and said she dropped her wallet in the parking lot on the way out.

She said she retraced her steps, went back to the cashier, asked for a manager, and even got a peek at the parking lot surveillance footage.

"We saw it there, people were walking by it, no one picked it up," she recalled.

But then the strangest thing happened, she said. Like a phantom the wallet disappeared. One moment it was on video tape, the next moment it was gone.

"We couldn't see who took it," she said.

So naturally that led to frustration for Moore. She went back home, filed a police report with JSO so she could have a paper trail to get a new driver's license at the DMV.

"So aggravating," she said, "They pretty much told me I'd never get my wallet back."

Right when she was about to settle down on her couch and relax after a frustrating day, she looked over at her stack of mail. 

"My son brought it in and sat it on the table," she remembered. "There was my wallet and a book on top of it."

Inside the book was a note that says, "Darlene, God's got your back!!"

She read it aloud, with a big smile.

"And then it says 'blessings' and there's the signature."

It's a signature she can't make out. 

"There's definitely an 'S' in there," she said with a laugh.

And now her goal is to find out who the stranger is that gave her back her wallet, a book, saved her hours of work and most of all, she said: "Proves that there are so many good people out there."

It was a good deed that turned what would have been a frustrating few days into weeks of happiness.

"I just want to thank this person."

If you recognize the note in the book, or know who may have done this good deed, let us know. 

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