Police: Suspect in police-involved shooting fired four shots at officers | News

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Police: Suspect in police-involved shooting fired four shots at officers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- New details are emerging about a deadly police shooting. It started early Tuesday morning in the 7400 block of Jasper Avenue during a routine police traffic stop. 

Police shot and killed 23-year-old John Dawson Parker. According to JSO, Parker's mother is a corrections officer. First Coast News confirmed with his family that his mother works at JSO. 

Police say an early morning traffic stop in Arlington for brake lights being out led to a foot chase and a struggle. That ultimately left Parker, the passenger in the car, dead. Police said Parker fired at least four shots at police this morning before they shot back and killed him.

JSO Chief Tom Hackney said, "This also was him emptying the gun. The gun only had four rounds in it, so he used every round he had shooting at these officers."

Two officers returned fire. Police say one officer fired five times, the other shot six times. 

Police say 23-year-old Parker has a lengthy criminal record and is part of the so called, "103rd Street Gang." 

"Robbery, drugs, theft charges," Hackney added.

Parker's aunt, Sabrina Parker, said her nephew left behind two children. 

"We have two kids that we have to raise without a father," she said.

Police say the chase started when Parker, a passenger in the car, did not give officers his identification. They say they found what they believe were drugs in the passenger seat.

As standard policy, the two officers that fired the shots are on administrative leave.


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