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Type of AK-47 Used in Episcopal Shooting Easy to Buy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  Police are still investigating how and when Shane Schumerth got the AK-47 he used to gun down the head of Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Dale Regan.

An AK-47 holds 30 rounds of ammunition and it fires a single shot, one at a time.

It's also a big seller at St. Nicholas Gun and Sporting Goods.

"We sell as many AK-47s as we do AR-15s," said Chris Roberts, a clerk at the gun store.

Roberts said about half of his business is handguns.  The other half is assault rifles.

"A lot of people use them for hog hunting because they are inexpensive compared to the big end deer rifle," said Roberts.

The AK-47 costs about $500.  Its ammunition is $6 a box.  The hunting rifle runs about $900.  Its ammunition costs about $25 a box.

The biggest difference with that kind of gun is how soon you can take it home.  "You could buy that right now and walk out with it," said Roberts.

Any gun purchase requires filling out a transaction form and a background check.

But a handgun requires a three day waiting period while the long guns, like an AK-47, it's same day delivery.  There is no waiting.

"The policy is based on the fact they figure you can do more damage with a handgun than an assault weapon," said Roberts.

Not everyone agrees.

"I think all of it should be the same. If you got to want that on a handgun, then why not something that's more dangerous," said William Thigpen who is shopping for a gun to buy.

Thigpen said he had no idea the laws were so different.

Those in the business of selling guns, believe there should be a change in the law to make all guns equal.

"I personally believe that you should be able to buy the weapon the same day you pay for it and take it because it's the only business where they hold something back after you have paid for it in full," said Roberts.

Each state has its own laws.  Something else you may find interesting, if you're from another state, you can't buy a gun in Florida.

But if you're from out of the country and been in Florida three months, you can.













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