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No leads in Arlington night club stabbing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — No arrests have been made, police have no solid leads and a Jacksonville mother is furious after her son was left with more than 100 stitches after being stabbed six times at a local lounge.


Markelle Jordan, 25, was released from the hospital late Monday night after being rushed to UF Health early Sunday morning with multiple stab wounds to his back, buttocks and legs.

"Imagine somebody, your child, calling you and saying, 'I'm dying ma come get me,'" said Kim Nurse.

Those are the words she heard from her son early Sunday morning. While at Flavaz Lounge in Arlington, Jordan was stabbed repeatedly, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report.

"A fight broke out at the DJ booth and everybody moved to get out of the way," said Jordan. "I was moving to get out of the way."

Before making his way outside of the club, Jordan says he felt someone hit him in his back and he was pulled out of the club by security. Once outside, he recalls a hectic scene and being surrounded by a large crowd of unfamiliar faces.

"I'm trying to get up and move but when I look down I see blood coming down my leg and I'm crawling trying to get from them," said Jordan.

Someone called 911 and Jordan was able to call his mother.

"He almost died," said Nurse.

Unable to gain answers on the scene, Nurse says she followed the ambulance to the hospital where she saw her youngest child on a stretcher and feared the worst.

"All of his holes looks like somebody actually shot him but they just dug him out," said Nurse.

She realizes the dangers associated with night clubs but says she never imagined what was supposed to be a fun night out would end the way it did. Jordan is now on several medications, unable to get around on his own and left to wonder why.

"I went in the club just to enjoy myself and it was my cousin's birthday - I went in there with him," said Jordan.

A search of JSO's crime mapping program shows there hasn't recently been any other major incidents at the club.

But for Nurse and her son this stabbing was one too many.

"I'm not going to stop until somebody do something and that club is shut down," said Nurse. "They say that happens in these clubs every weekend. They messed with the wrong child."

FCN reached out to the club's owner and did not hear back as of this post. According to JSO, there were no cameras inside or outside of the lounge.


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