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Awning partially collapses at Arlington gas station

ID=19190917JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville gas station was damaged by strong winds during a severe weather outbreak on Monday.

It happened at the BP at the corner of St. Johns Bluff Road North and Monument Road in the Arlington about 2 p.m.

Linda Steele was on her way to pick up her grandson, but needed to get gas first.

So she pulled her white Volkswagen Jetta up to the pumps and filled up.

Then, as she went inside to pay, Steele said she witnessed something unlike anything she'd ever seen before.

"It turned really black. All of a sudden, I don't know what it was. I've never seen anything like it before. The roof just started flying off," she said.

About half of the metal awning that covers all 12 pumping stations came crashing down. Some pieces of debris were even carried across the street.

Steele was the only customer getting gas at the time, so no one was underneath the awning.

"Thank God no one was hurt," she said.

The irony is that she just got her car repaired from an unrelated accident. Now, she has some minor damage to get fixed again on the back side of her car.

But more important than that, Steele is happy she was able to walk away with her life.

"It is a miracle because if I had been out there pumping the gas, one of the pieces could have hit me," she said.

The gas station, meanwhile, has significant repairs to make.

An attendant said the pumping area would remain closed in the short term, but that the convenience store would stay open.


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