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Huge tree falls in Arlington, causing power outage

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A huge tree in an Arlington neighborhood fell during the early morning hours, causing power to go out in more than 40 homes and causing the street to blocked for hours.

Residents living along Domas Drive say it was only a matter of time before the tree on city right of way came crashing down in their neighborhood.

"It came down at three in the morning and the transformer started sparking and everything," said Al Quinney who lives just down the street. "It made a real splatter noise."

It knocked out power to 46 homes for about four hours. One lady who lived across the street from the tree but did not want to be identified, said her neighbor next door had complained to the city about the tree and it was obviously a sick tree.

"It looked rotten in places in the center of the trunk," said the woman. "That is why I keep my two cars pulled up in the driveway because we knew it was going to come down sometime."

Theresa Mims was just walking where the tree fell. "We were walking yesterday just under that tree, my grandson and I, so I am blessed that he is OK and that we weren't injured by it," said Mims. "I just hope they check the rest of the area and the other trees around the corner that are really bad."

Mims said the city trimmed branches on that tree earlier this year and doesn't know why they didn't notice its poor condition.

But city spokeswoman Debbie Delgado says there is not one single complaint lodged with the city government regarding that tree. Delgado said it is important to call 630-CITY and file an official complaint, get a confirmation number and get it on the list of concerns to be checked out by the city. She said that was not done in this case.

The city removed the downed tree that blocked the street for several hours.

The city is currently checking out 80 complaints of trees that might need to be removed, more than 200 that may need limbs trimmed and 7 that have fallen, but are not blocking roadways.



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