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Overly-friendly mail carrier has woman wanting answers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An uninvited house call from a mail carrier has an Arlington woman wanting some answers after filing a complaint with the United States Postal Service. 

Vicki Mauldin said it all started two years ago when the mail carrier gave her a sympathy card after he mom died. Earlier this year, she said he paid a house call.

"He showed up in front of my house in his personal vehicle saying, asking if it was time for my walk," said Mauldin, who believes that crossed the line.

Mauldin filed a complaint, but she said answers are not forthcoming.

She did say the USPS did assign another mail carrier to deliver her mail.

Mauldin's husband, Thomas, is frustrated as well.

"When a man says 'isn't it time for your walk,' I am more along stalking, you know," said Thomas Mauldin from the front door of the couple's Arlington home.

The couple said they are getting more mail with yellow labels saying either undeliverable or vacant house. The Mauldins also wonder now if they are getting all their mail.

The manager of the post office on Merrill Road said he could not comment on the matter. A representative from the USPS, Steve Seewester, said he would follow up on the matter and be in a better position to comment on Friday. 

First For You, if you have any mail carrier or distribution issues, contact the USPS Customer Service line at 800-275-8777 or call your local post office.


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