Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner and many consumers may not realize how scary this ghoulish night might really be for their personal safety, their property…or their pocketbooks.

Know the Difference Between a Cold and The Flu

Cold and flu symptoms are very similar and it may be hard to tell which virus is making you sick. The cold and flu are both respiratory illnesses, but they are caused by different types of viruses. Flu symptoms usually come on quickly (within 3-6 hours) and consist of a fever, body aches, dry cough, and extreme tiredness. Cold symptoms are less severe and people experience a stuffy nose, productive cough, slight tiredness, and limited body aches.

Bullies Beware: Elementary School Club Aims to Make Bullies into Buddies

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- One Southside elementary school is educating students about something increasingly important at an after-school club.

It's not math or science; it's how to deal with bullies.

Susan Beauchamp, a counselor at Twin Lakes Academy Elementary, dedicates several afternoons a week to meet with about 150 students.

They talk about bullying, drugs, and other topics third, fourth and fifth graders now find themselves facing.
It's the club's inaugural year. From the first day, it was a hit.

"Response was absolutely overwhelming," Susan Beauchamp said. "I thought maybe 25 or 20 people. I got close to 150."

Beauchamp teaches the kids through workbooks, peer counseling and the arts. They incorporate music and dance for a little fun.

But it's not all fun and games. The kids in the group say they all worry about being a victim of bullying.

Episcopal's Concussion Care Program Athletic Department Priority

As the U.S. House of Representatives Education and Labor Committee reviews a bill to create concussion standards for high school athletes (H.R. 6172 Protecting Student Athletes from Concussions Act of 2010), Episcopal High School is at the forefront of ensuring the safety of its students on the playing field, especially of those in contact sports.

Halloween Buy Backs, Costume Parties and Fun


Wolfson Children's Hospital Implements Visitation Precautions as Flu Season Begins

Now that flu season has begun, Wolfson Children’s Hospital has implemented visitation precautions effective October 1, 2010, through March 31, 2011. During this timeframe, children age 5 and under will not be able to visit patients in the hospital. Parents and legal guardians are welcome to be with their hospitalized child at any time.

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure - October 23, 2010

It's nearly time for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!  It will be held on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 at a new site-- the Jacksonville Fairgrounds.  (510 Fairgrounds Pl., Jacksonville, FL 32202)

You can register online until October 17th, and you can register at any 1st Place Sports location until October 16th.  After that, you may register at the AT&T Health & Fitness Expo October 21st-22nd, or register on Race Day.  All registered participants will receive a free event shirt!