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Parents and Businesses Support Educational Success
Parents and Businesses Support Educational Success

Parents and Businesses Support Educational Success

Parents and business owners, the students of Andrew
Robinson Elementary School are working hard to obtain
five hundred thousand (500,000) words read by the middle
of this school year and one million words (1,000,000) read
by the end of this academic year. 
Parents be aware of the one million (1,000,000) word
reading standard that your child should be working towards.
Information has been provided so please be aware of this
event. Other schools in DCPS may have similar celebrations
so check with your child’s individual school for

All students are required to read 1,000,000 words each
school year. The first grading period has ended which
means all students should have a word count of 250,000
at this time and by December 14th have a count of at least
500,000 (five hundred thousand).

A special celebration is being planned for December 14th,
for Andrew Robinson Elementary so students will be
recognized for their reading achievements. Students must
be sure to take their Accelerated Reader quizzes to
document their word count. These efforts allow students
and parents to be accountable and responsible for the
improvement of reading. We want all our students to
reach reading proficiency and improve their reading,
literacy and comprehension.

Parents, guardians, grandparents and family members
please encourage children to read and work on
comprehending their reading.
This can be simply done by asking the child to;
1. Show you their books they are reading.
2. Tell you about the stories they are reading and
what they learned.
3. Talk to them about the lessons and life situations
that can be applied.

These are real critical thinking skills found to promote
higher order thinking, cognitive maturity, comprehension
(understanding) and improved assessment or testing

This holiday season is the great opportunity to catch-up
on what your child or children are reading. On all families
holiday lists should be creating a literary library of books,
magazines, and other materials that promote reading and
literacy fluency.
Making reading fun is easy if parents would be involved
in reading with their children and making it a part of
the day.

Business Leaders Promote Educational Excellence

To provide business leaders an opportunity to help
promote reading success in DCPS. Andrew Robinson
Elementary is seeking business partnerships for the
upcoming Reading Celebration on Wednesday,
December 14th.

Any business interested in promoting reading at
Andrew Robinson Elementary school is invited to
contact Andrew Robinson to make a donation to
our students meeting their reading goals.

All students are required to read a minimum of
1 million words each school year. Our midyear
celebration is scheduled  for Wednesday,
December 14 to honor students who’ve read a minimum
of 500, 000 words.

We are seeking donations from community organizations
and local business to sponsor/purchase electronic
readers (Kindles, nooks, etc.) and personal libraries
(100 books) for our top readers. 

Many of our families do not have transportation to
access the public library and this would enable them
to access books easily by downloading literature
directly to their e-reader or selecting from their personal
collection at home. 

Any additional funds collected will be used to
purchase gift cards so the students can download
books as needed.

Thank you for any donations that you, the business
community can contribute to instilling the value of
reading in our students which are your future
employees. Businesses have a vested and financial
interest in the success of all students in DCPS.  
It is beneficial to support reading efforts now and
be involved. Businesses are finding that if they support
educational efforts when students are in elementary
and middle school, their future employees will be
better prepared and Jacksonville will have a better
educated and competitive workforce for the future.

All donations are needed by Wednesday, December 7,
contact  904 630 6550 and when prompted speak with
the Principals Secretary.

This is your opportunity business owners to make a
contribution and be engaged in providing a hand up
for educational success not just a handout.

To start the process as a supporter of E3 Business
Group North Florida Chapter, and on the Executive
Board of JCCI Forward I will be donating two (2) Dell desktop
computers to this effort and challenge other businesses to

William Jackson, M.Ed.

Arlington Businesses