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Parents: Summer Is Still Time for Learning
Parents: Summer Is Still Time for Learning

Parents: Summer Is Still Time for Learning
by Cheryl Jackson and William Jackson

As another school year ends, graduation ceremonies have concluded, academic growth does not stop. DCPS is offering the Superintendants Summer Academy, but the challenge is finding students to attend this academic enrichment program.

The world we live in is in constant economic,
political and educational flux (change).
Students today cannot afford the luxuries
of the past to have a summer off with no
learning. Education is a continuous and
constant demand for further economic

"If you can control a man's thinking you do
not have to worry about his action. When
you determine what a man shall think you
do not have to concern yourself about what
he will do. If you make a man feel that he is
inferior, you do not have to compel him to
accept an inferior status, for he will seek it
himself. If you make a man think that he is
justly an outcast, you do not have to order
him to the back door. He will go without
being told; and if there is no back door,
his very nature will demand one."
Carter G. Woodson

Many words have described the challenges
that People of Color have in obtaining educational
empowerment. There are books, DVD’s, YouTube
videos, seminars, discussions and other events
that try to engage the community about the
importance and value of education. The
Superintendants Summer Academy should
be filled to overflowing by students to prepare
even now for the competitive world of
higher education and jobs.

Educational groups such as the Jacksonville
Public Education Fund and their One by One
continues to invite the public to engaging
conversations. These conversations are
designed, ”to create a vision for public
education and then put those ideas into action.”
What better way to get the community
involved in the educational process. What
easier way to tell parents, grandparents,
law enforcement, politicians, business people
of Jacksonville, Florida to be involved.
Florida is a leader in educational reform,
but there should be more involvement
from parents and community stakeholders.
This is not a Black, White, Hispanic issue,
but an issue that affects all children.

These two opportunities, one for students and
one for adults have significant impacts on the
quality and engagement of the educational
process that will prepare our children for their
future. Another school year has passed,
many parents complain about FCAT scores,
high school drop out rates, equitability of
schools with materials and the lack of Black
teachers. So far there is a lot of talk, but
where is the involvement, the commitment
and the passion for not just change in the
educational system, but proactive involvement
of parents?

The Constitution of the United States of America
allows freedoms in this country that others only
dream about around the world and people in
other countries will never see such freedoms in
their lifetimes. There are children in third world
countries that will die, literally.. envious of the
educational opportunities that are taken for granted
in our state alone. Listening to speeches by
Malcolm X and his quest for educational
enlightenment and his work for self
sufficiency. Despite the other events occurring
in Malcolm X life he encouraged education
and learning. The Principals Academy in its
objectives promotes,”Superintendent's Reading
and Mathematics Academies for elementary,
middle and high school students who attend
Title 1 Turn Around Schools.”

Students from Title 1 Turn Around Schools
have an opportunity to enrich their learning
and academic growth. To excel beyond their
current levels and reach higher achievements.
The responsibility is on parents to properly
motivate their children, to push, pull, excite,
encourage and instil a respect for education.
If more students are to reach educational success
parents must be involved in the process.
Help their children take advantage of opportunities
like the Principals Academy.
Reading The Education of the Negro and Mis-Education
of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson. Realizing that
during slavery Blacks were killed for learning how
to read. Burned to death for carrying books, tongues
cut out for quoting Bible verses. The Bible was the
first educational tool for Blacks.
The Bible was the
foundation for education;
Blacks during and after slavery were taught with
the Bible. In the 21st century the improvement of
education that so many people claim needs to take
place can only come from parental and community
President Theodore Roosevelt stated,
“To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to
educate a menace to society.” These words ring true
and can be seen in documentaries like,
“We Remember Raines”
How young ladies and young men were not just
taught the basics of educational curriculums, but
were taught the guiding principals that allow for
professional and human excellence. “We Remember
Raines” showed how a school of professionals
influenced a community in education not just sports.
How young men respected educators, how educators
helped students value learning. The vision of Emanuel
Washington a Raines graduate shows why there
was such success at Raines and the
influences of professionals and parents that care.
We Remember Raines -

After 25 years as a professional educator, I do not
question the educational system as much as I question
the parental involvement and value for education.
I’m disheartened at the lack and seemingly disinterest
of involvement of too many parents in educational
programs like the Superintendents Academy.
Programs such as the Academy are there for free,
but the value is in the learning, empowerment and
enrichment. Schools are teaching and providing
resources that students  need to learn to be able to
work, go to higher education or vocational schools.
The motivation and involvement  must come from
parents. Parents you are provided educational
opportunities for your children. Don’t make excuses
why you do not have them participating. This could be
the difference between graduation or dropping out for
your children.


Superintendent's Summer Academy Programs

In addition to the traditional summer school options
offered to Duval County Public Schools' students in
grades K-12, we will also offer several free
Superintendent's Reading and Mathematics Academies
for elementary, middle and high school students who
attend Title 1 Turnaround Schools.

We Remember Raines Youtube
The power of dedicated professionals, the passion
of educational empowerment. The purpose of

We Remember Raines Tumblr Interview
Emanuel Washington (We Remember Raines) &
Casey Barnum (Still Raines)
Interviewed by Rachael Tutwiler of the
Jacksonville Public Education Fund

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