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Vikings On Your Mark, Get Ready, Set, Go!
Vikings On Your Mark, Get Ready, Set, Go!

Vikings On Your Mark, Get Ready, Set, Go!
This week the 11th thru the 17th of March 2012 Moments
will take place in our continuing William M. Raines American
Track & Field History! Because, this Friday & Saturday
culminates the 48th Annual Running of The BOB HAYES
Earl Kitchings Sr. Stadium on our freshly bestowed
Jimmie Johnson Parkway.

Quite, fittingly that the nation’s most distinguished
Track Meet would find a home on our William M. Raines’

“Game Recognize Game, I suppose?”

For, why else would ‘The World’s Fastest Human’, ‘Bullet Bob’
a.k.a. ‘Crow’ or more respectfully Mr. Robert Hayes 1942-2002
Duval’s very own allow neither an Olympic nor World Championship
not even a Collegiate facility to preserve his athletic prowess;
but, yet a Universally renown High School to Field his still
incomparable Feats?

Mr. Hayes, I guess realized that Champions naturally grow on
the Trees of Magnolia; so, why not take root there! This week’s
Moments may be found by Tracking their listings at the
following link

Also, at The SKYLINE Sports Bar & Lounge this Thursday
the 15th starting at 5pm there will be additional Moments to
Meet and Mingle with the treasured Coaches, Athletes and
Track Lovers who have made our Bob Hayes Invitational a Classic!

View SKYLINE’S tasty commercial of information here

On Thursday night also will be in attendance one alum,
who has Tracked Our Moments in Self-Preservation.
Documentarian, Emanuel Washington ’90 will be at the
SKYLINE to Relay further awareness to our Viking Nation
about our timely offering “We Remember Raines”…

Emanuel Washington ’90 will be there to Field inquiries
of future screenings and to gather well wishes and Batons
of support to Place our Historical High School Medley atop
Best of Show!

You may, tune into ‘The Conversation’ hosted by Klarque
Garrison ’84 on Wednesday the 14th at 7pm as Emanuel
Washington ’90 is interviewed on the
significance of making “We Remember Raines”.

Show details can be found here at!/survive365

And, in this Moment let us not forget the course our current
Vikings are on; please, review the below material to attest
your Volunteer assistance in seeing our future alum successfully
through our Team Sport!

Thank you; and, take care*******
Take a Moment to complete the following two form(s)
One, is an attached “STILL”® RAINES Alumni Profile Form
(return completed forms to or

The second is a required document (Volunteer Form)
background check from Duval County Public Schools’ System
that must be completed on-line via this D.C.P.S. link

Note that the information you may provide will be extended
to school administrator(s) only.

Thank you, for your consideration in our attempts to torch
“Solidarity Together Influencing our Longstanding Legacy”

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