Two JU Football Players Arrested, Suspended from Team | Crime

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Two JU Football Players Arrested, Suspended from Team
Two JU Football Players Arrested, Suspended from Team

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two Jacksonville University football players have been arrested and now their future with the team is in question.

Bradley Burns, 22, and Jordan Dewhirst, 19, are both charged with felony battery after police said they beat up a classmate following an incident in the parking lot at Club Rain.

According to the police report, the victim, Daniel Meyer, reportedly bumped into Dewhirst in that parking lot, and the men exchanged words. 

Meyer told officers he knew Dewhirst was on the school's football team, and got into his car and drove away after other players began to approach him.

When he got back to campus, Meyer told school security officers he was worried that the young men would follow him home, and the report shows that they did just that.

As he was walking to his dorm room, Meyer reported hearing someone say "there he is, get him," and said that someone grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him to the ground when he tried to run. That's when Meyer described feeling several people beat and kick him.

When officers responded, they found Meyer with blood coming from his mouth and nose. At the hospital, Meyer learned that he had a broken nose and fractures around his eyes and sinuses.

Dr. Bryan Coker, the school's dean later emailed the names of the young men involved in the attack to the police, and said that Dewhirst was the major aggressor in the situation.

Coker told police that Dewhirst confessed to going after Meyer and that Burns admitted to being the one who grabbed Meyer and held him while Dewhirst attacked him.

Campus security turned over surveillance video that showed Burns and Dewhirst going into the dorm after Meyer, and later, showed them leaving. The entry log revealed that Dewhirst had used his student ID card to get into the dorm just 20 seconds after Meyer went inside.

Alan Verlander, JU's director of athletics, issued the following statement:

"We hold all of our student-athletes to high standards of conduct and we are disappointed that this incident occurred.  Both players have been suspended indefinitely from our football program as the investigation and judicial process occurs."

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