After Warning Others to 'Duck,' Man Opens Fire at Officers | Crime

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After Warning Others to 'Duck,' Man Opens Fire at Officers
After Warning Others to 'Duck,' Man Opens Fire at Officers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A 20-year-old male is in jail after opening fire at a car filled with police officers.

The shooting happened around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday on Tall Pine Lane near with intersection with Justina Road in Arlington.

According to Lt. Brian Richardson with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Aggravated Battery Unit, there were three officers in an unmarked vehicle on patrol looking for a possible carjacking suspect.

Richardson said as the unmarked vehicle passed a group of people, the people dispersed until the vehicle passed.  Once the vehicle returned, the group dispersed again.

The officers drove by a third time, according to the police report, at which time someone in the group opened fire toward the vehicle, hitting it in the driver's door and the passenger door on the driver's side.  The report indicates the shooter was about 50 feet away.

The officers, who were in uniform, drove out of the line of sight and returned to the group on foot, spotting several sitting outside an apartment.  One of the people said they intended to enter the apartment, but "Freddie" got there first and locked the door.

Nobody responded at the apartment as the officers knocked, so they brought in a K-9 unit and the person inside opened the door.

Several people were in the apartment, and the officers detained "about seven" people, Richardson said.  The officers then took five of the people to JSO headquarters for interviews.

One of the witnesses said the group saw the vehicle passing several times, and said 20-year-old Fred Calvin Childs fired the shots then ran into the apartment.

Another witness told police Childs warned them to "duck" if the vehicle passed by again, according to the report.

After three witnesses positively identified Childs as the shooter, police interviewed him.  He told them he heard gunshots while he was in his apartment, and doesn't own a gun and has never fired a gun.

In the apartment, officers found the gun believed to have been used in the shooting in Childs' closet, and said the rounds in the gun matched the nine shell casings found at the scene.

Richardson said the car was not bulletproof but did have window tint, and he was unsure, given the time of day and lighting conditions in the area, if Childs was aware the occupants of the vehicle were officers, though a witness at the scene said Childs didn't know.

Childs is being held on a charge of attempted murder.

The JSO inmate information page shows Childs has been arrested in Jacksonville seven times since turning 18.  Four of his charges were drug-related, and other charges included trespassing and resisting arrest without violence.


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