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Everyone Is Accountable To Jacksonville
Everyone Is Accountable To Jacksonville

The biblical interpretation from Romans 12:2,
“If Change Is Necessary Then Not To Change Is Always Destructive”
Change has come in the political climate of Jacksonville. Voters have created history
in the election of an African American Mayor. The unique aspect is that the Mayor is
not a Republican or Tea Party affiliate, but a Democrat.

The historical climate from decades of political separation based on race, education
and economics is hoped to change. To create avenues of change it is not solely
based on the Mayor and his administration, but all citizen of Jacksonville are accountable
to help Mayor Brown make that change effective and  long lasting.

Traditionally Jacksonville has been a Republican ideological city and as such a different
philosophy about public service to people. Republican cutbacks on community services
and the needs of low income families and children are often overlooked. The Children’s
Commission, Human Rights Commission, public libraries and others that fight for
stable families, hungry children and education are always threatened with cutbacks,
being cut out or reduction in services.  Having conducted the same political agendas
for decades has produced the same results for decades; mistrust of government,
disrespect for the democratic process, perception that government does not care about
poor (even whites experience poverty) and people of color. 

Much has been said of our governmental officials having a civic, ethical and moral
responsibility to serve the people that elected them to office.

There should be an understanding that citizens as a community are all accountable
for change because our actions will dictate our acceptance or rejection of policies and
procedures that will have to be made.

The United States is a democracy and I would hope to see a true democracy in this
administration. I would hope to see fair leadership with authority, authenticity, ethics,
morality and honor. Langston Hughes said, ”I swear to the Lord I still can’t see why
democracy means everybody but me.” This may have been the mentality of Jacksonville
citizens for years, but now there is change in the air. Not just the aroma of the Maxwell
House coffee factory, not just the stench of the Paper Mill or odors of
the Port Authority, but the sweet perfume  of political change.

Jacksonville has made an investment for the future, as a community we are now more
than ever accountable for changing past destructive / separatist directions. The community
must show support for our Human Rights Commission, the continued support of the
Children’s Commission, participate and contribute in JCCI study groups and professional
development opportunities that JCCI Forward creates to better serve the intellectual
growth of the citizens, young and seniors. To involve more youth in the Youth Achievement in
Technology with E3 Business Group to teach youth how to effectively use technology not
just for Social Media, Cyberbullying, Sexting, but prepare all youth for future jobs. More
women of all races, religions, and cultures should participate in the League of Women
Voters to have a stronger political voice; these are just a few of the opportunities we
have and should avail ourselves to.

It seemed by many we were on a path of economic destruction (high unemployment),
continued racial mistrust (colorism, racism) and educational separation (failing schools
and failing parents).

Accountability rests with the individual to empower themselves with the proper skill set
that preparesfor future educational and economic opportunities. This election of change
does show that everyone’s vote counts. Mayor Brown won by  1,662 votes, it wasn’t Blacks
and their votes, but Whites, Hispanics, Asians and other cultures. The strong African
American vote helped and those that took advantage of their legal rights of voting showed
that the civil rights laws  (Voting Rights Act of 1965) that were earned did in fact work in
the 21st Century. 

Changes have occurred in politics with more activity by minorities.
I have blogged before about the election processes and been accused of being racist,
divisive and extremist because of my encouragement of minorities to vote. Voting is a
right that has been earned and a civic responsibilitythat is taught in our schools so we
are all responsible and accountable to push the right to vote.

Republicans have been in power for over 20 years, the reality is minorities have not
advanced and provided opportunities to sit at the table of political involvement, economic
decision making and educational opportunities. Now is an opportunity for involvement
and redirection, James Baldwin stated, “Color is not a human or a
personal reality; it is a political reality.” The reality is there is a change and more change
will come, with change there is growth.

Jacksonville must prepare for growth in education (valuing education), employment
(gaining employable skills), ethics and ethical accountability (City Council), enforcing
just and fair laws (law enforcement), and community involvement by all citizens.
Accountability is more than the 14 letters that make up the spelling; it is a personal
responsibility to know the value and morality of promoting and participating for the best
for our community.

The next four (4) years and potentially beyond will show how accountable we will be
for behaviors, choices and support for new leadership, vision and opportunities.

Just because an African American (Alvin Brown) is Mayor, minorities cannot sit on their
behinds and chant about overcoming and having arrived. Now the hard work begins.
When jobs do come will Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Mexicans, and others be ready for a
hand-up not just a hand-out? Will citizens be ready to go back to school for re-education
and retraining or will they complain about Mayor Brown not “giving them something”
because he is Black like them? The example of this election should be if you work hard,
fight for positive change you can overcome homelessness,
poverty, lack of education and feelings of disconnection from community empowerment.

Accountability is more than the 14 letters that make up the spelling, it is an individual
conscientiousness (understanding) to know the value and morality of what is best for
our households, communities, schools, and churches. The next 4 (four) years and
potentially beyond will show how accountable we will be for our community behaviors,
choices, actions, and support of Mayor Brown’s administration in leadership and vision.

Making hard choices now for a better future for all in Jacksonville, Florida.

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