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Bullying, An American Shame
Bullying, An American Shame

The United States is stated to be the most powerful country in the world. This power is seen first in the Trillion dollar military forces that circle the world,reinforcing American foreign policies and those of our allies.

The economic power that governs
countries worldwide keeping many from bankruptcy,
millions from starving and provides educational
resources to teach children and adults worldwide.
The United States can flex it technological might
even when competing against Asian and European
countries. Intel, AMD, IBM, Google, Microsoft,
Apple and other higher technology countries literally
run the world of commerce and information.

The US has the most advanced higher and vocational
educational institutions in the world. Even our
enemies send their youth here to learn. The power
of the United States is sadly diminished when it
comes to its youth. They are told that because
of our power, influence in world commerce and
economic might they are blessed and have more
opportunities than children worldwide. That may
be the case, but too many American children lack
the moral, ethical and societal judgments to care
and support each other.Freedom is not free it comes
with a high cost, and our youth committing suicide
are paying a high cost with their lives.
Parents are either to young and immature in teaching
their children how to cope without violence or do
not have the time because of working two jobs,
worrying about professional promotions or too selfish
to take the time to be true parents. The shame is seen
in the tragic events of another youth committing
suicide represents the proactive lack in keeping our
children, youth and teens safe.

Reported on October 26th another young women
committed suicide resulting from bullying.
”Bullied 15 Year-Old Girl Killed After Jumping
In Front of Train”
This is becoming a regular occurrence and shows
that school cannot fix all of America’s social
challenges. Schools, law enforcement, parents,
community organizations, churches and even
youth organizations now have a responsibility
to teach Bullying Prevention, social morals and
values. When even one young woman kills herself
this is too much. This year alone to many youth have
died as a result of Bullying, Harassment and Violence.

This is a societal challenge and needs the involvement
of whole communities.
Felicia Garcia a 15 year old young women, jumped to
her death in front of a train after enduring weeks of
bullying. Her haunting last words in a tweet stated,
“I cant, im done, I give up.”

Even though school officials heard of the bullying,
set up mediation sessions with a counselor and
other teens involved this still created a problem
when the teens continued arguing.
Reported by NYDailyNews.com, Felicia Garcia was
a freshman and was teased repeated and bullied
because of having piercings, living in foster care
and making a serious mistake with sex.
There were other social challenges for the young
lady that many youth can relate to. The use of
Social Media is documented as well that allowed
Felicia to share her troubles, but is seemed no one
picked up on her screams for help or ignored them.
New laws and legislation now require investigations
of all students and adults involved when there is
bullying, violence and a suicide. Law enforcement
will even look into the use of social media as evidence
she was tormented.

The news is growing with reports of youth committing
suicide from bullying and harassment.
Even the recent workshop for teachers to understand
the affects of Bullying and Violence against Lesbian Gay
Bisexual and Transgender LGBT students in Duval County
Public Schools provided by JASMYN – JASMYN
Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network a
non-profit youth organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth ages 13-23.
LGBT students are susceptible to being harassed, beaten,
teased and threatened with death by classmates. Reported
by students in many cases teachers and administrators
are not involved and ignore the behaviors of bullying directed
to them. There are a number of teachers that do stand
up and administrators are taking this seriously, but more
needs to be done to assist schools that were designed to teach,
not handle social challenges.

Schools are becoming the waste lands of benchmarks, standards,
and academic accountability. Any student can be subjected to
bullying and harassment.
Guidance counselors and therapists need to address issues of
bullying not teachers that are not and should not be trained
to handle mental and emotional disorders in students. This
may sound cold and inhuman, but teachers cannot and should
not manage bullying independently, they need help.

In order to be effective resources must be brought into
the schools to train, support and empower youth to
prevent bullying and if bullying is reported and found
evident then those doing the bullying should be required
to attend counseling and behavior modification trainings.
In the most powerful country in the world that is fighting
terrorism in foreign lands there is terrorism in the
schools of the United States of America causing great
shame that the youth of this county cannot be protected.
Bullying can be classified as a Human Rights issue, not
just a discipline issue.

Our armed forces can travel thousands of miles away to
protect people in foreign lands. It seems our schools
cannot protect the 11 to 18 year olds like Felicia (15)
in schools across this nations.

The reality is the federal government cannot do it, there
needs to be a unification of parents, teachers, admin-
instators, therapists and even the clergy of our communities.

It does our children no good if an F18 Hornet can
bomb with accuracy using million dollar missiles
to stop suspected foreign enemies, but all our billions
and trillions cannot keep a 15 year
old girl and others like her from killing themselves
from bullying.
What will it take….

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