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Never Too Late To Stop Bullying
Never Too Late To Stop Bullying

I'm Inspired To Defeat Bullying..Are You????

Listening to one of my favorite musical groups thatreally shares a message about the world
Three Days Grace singing  “Never Too Late” and” Its Not My Time”. The message that many youth
today need to hear to help prevent Suicide and being Bullied.
“Never Too Late To Get Help”
October is National Bullying Prevention month and
the effort to prevent Bullying is more important now
because more youth are seeking an alternative to being
 Bullied by considering suicide as an answer. The stress,
heartbreak and destruction of a young person’s self-esteem
can slowly crumble with the continuous harassment
against a young person’s emotional wellbeing, mental
stability and their impressions of the world they live in.

Many youth unfortunately will not seek parental advice,
go to law enforcement, their train of thought is to stop
the pain of harassment and bullying. The key words for
all youth to understand is even though the world is not
what you expect there is always HOPE. There are people
that love you and value you as a person. Comfort and
empowerment can come in the form of communicating
not shutting down and pushing people away. Do not
accept defeat in a situation that can change for the positive.

Being open and honest about your feelings may not be
easy because you may not feel valued; the reality is you are
valuable and important in the world.
There is only ONE of you and you are unique and special.

As heard in the song “Never Too Late” each day is a gift
and should be cherished. People may tell you “it will be alright,”
they may not understand your pain, but the act of Suicide is a
permanent solution to a temporary problem. Each day is a
new opportunity for happiness and contentment. The
important part of life is to stay alive and make a change for
the better in your life.  You can only do that, and to take
back what you feel that was taken from you, your
self-esteem, self-value and self-respect. Don’t lose happiness
by considering Suicide; don’t focus on the negativity of others.
See each day as a new chance to be happy and make a positive
change in your life.

Communication is key to support, talking to someone is important,
sharing how you feel, sharing your frustrations, heartaches, and experiences
that you are feeling. Communication and talking brings healing and
creates opportunities for change in your world. You are not alone
in your feelings of how the world may seem, but there is always
HOPE for a new beginning and a change for the better. Each of us
has a reflection that the world sees, consider your reflection and
how you control it. Don’t allow another person’s ignorance and
stupidity to define who you are and how you see yourself. Don’t allow
another person’s words and actions to bring bondage and
imprisonment to your happiness.

It’s Never Too Late” for a positive change and “It Is Not Your Time”
to leave here as the song “It’s Not My Time” states.  There is more
to you and your life than you can see, and think about the “Will” in you
to survive.  As the song states, “There might be more than you can see,
” but the reality is There IS more of you than you can see, and you
have to speak life and living into your life. The power of life and death
are in your tongue so always speak life and defeating obstacles and
challenges like Bullying.
You have a place in life that is irreplaceable, there is not another like you,
your are unique and special

Its Never Too Late

It Is Not My Time

In Support of Bullying Prevention:

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Anti-bullying Comedy Show
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