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Incorporation of STEM in Education
Incorporation of STEM in Education

The incorporation of STEM –Science Technolog Engineering Mathematics in the elementary school setting is providing engaging and enriching opportunities for students to express their creative, artistic and computational talents.

Even the Obama Administration is encouraging the
incorporation of more STEM instruction in K-12 schools.
Integration of technology in schools will create better
learning environments and improve student’s chances at
earning high-level jobs that are technology involved,
“Is President Obama’s STEM Master Teacher Corps
best for America” K. Bennett

STEM incorporates elements of learning that at one time
were separate and distinct in the instructional process.
Learning was segmented and individualized in the
academic focus. The integration of technology has changed
the incorporation of learning and the thinking of students. 
Students are project centered and mission sensitive in their
learning. Teachers are becoming facilitators of learning
that allow for creativity, collaboration, teamwork and
integration of new ways to bring content alive and interactive.

The integration of technology and developments in digital
learning have changed the application of STEM. Technology
is allowing students to do things; accomplish tasks, solve
problems, collaborate, apply teamwork, creating content,
writing and designing/developing concepts that influence
future learning.

Technology for youth is like oxygen, Digital Nation (PBS)
they absorb it, but there seems to be a physical attraction and
psychological bonding to electronic devices. Technology is
the new motivator to learning. Similar to the Borg on Star Trek
the Next Generation; in a productive and enriching manner;
technology energizes youth, it inspires original thinking and
opens the mind to creativity and imagination that
 would have possibly remained hidden. 

In the PBS documentaries Digital Nation 2010 and Frontline 2010
 “Growing Up Online” over half of a teens life is now online.
Social Media, Texting, Twitter and other Social interactions have
changed from direct physical conversation to one of digital
communication that contains all the elements of sharing content.
Careers are heavily based with technology, that makes it imperative
for students to be exposed to the use of technology in the fields
of STEM.

STEM applications embrace the digital life of students, guiding
them through a scientific process that prepares elementary student’s
to careers in STEM.  The incorporation of technology has changed
the way teachers teach; they have become managers of information
and facilitators of learning. Allowing teachers to draw students into
learning, students can take ownership for their development in
learning and applying real world concepts.

Andrew Robinson Elementary School is incorporating real world
learning into its curriculum and allowing students to direct their
minds to engaging in technology, science and math.
Please view our STEM photos of what our students have created in the
Engineering Lab and continue to visit as students are involved in
learning with the integration of technology. The incorporation of
STEAM Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics is a
growing element in the overall learning of students at ARE.
Our resources (Art,  Music, Physical Education, Media, Computer
Lab and Engineering are educational models that teach to the holistic
value of students. Developmental Learning is 21st century learning
that contains the elements of collaboration, problem solving,
integration and team based learning.


Andrew Robinson Elementary School

William Jackson, M.Ed.
STEM Teacher
Andrew Robinson Elementary

Arlington Businesses