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Otis Williams; The Right Man for the Job
Otis Williams; The Right Man for the Job

Otis Williams was a man of few words, but his presence, his essence that emanated from him was all that was needed to understand the inner complexities of a dynamic man. He is intelligent, wise, and an articulate
speaker. He is generous, understanding and contained the sophistication of manhood that unfortunately is slowly being lost in today’s society.He was the model of a father that is lost today in the world of fast talk,
fast spending and quick gratification. Otis Williams was a father that
taught his children how to survive and prosper in this world.
He gave each of his children an identity so that they understood who
they were and their unlimited potential to be a blessing to their families.

A Physical Presence    
Very few people have the ability to influence a room before they walk
into that room. Otis Williams was one of those men, his presence saturated
a room, it permeated peoples psychological makeup that when he spoke
they listened. When he moved they either followed or got out of the way
in respect and honor. His presence was of an essence that possessed a
strength that others would be energized and strengthened as well. Otis
Williams was always in service to his family, his community and his

In the limited time that I have had the honor to be with my Father in Law
just from the initial contact I was in awe, inspired and a little bit fearful
because of the presence he emanated around him. Each one of us has a
soulful presence that we generate, that presence can be light as a dove,
delicate as a butterfly, dynamic as electricity,  Otis Williams presence  
was the quintessential presence of a true man.  In the most respectful of
terms of endearment and honor my Father in Law did not mince words,
he did not seek to employ fancy diction, although he spoke at times as if
he possessed a Ph.D. in education. He did not seek anyone’s approval,
guidance or blessings in his opinions and ideologies, he would let you
know with not doubt a few words how he felt about something.  This was
a good thing because you always knew where you stood with him.

Always in Service
Otis Williams knew just what to say and do during his life.
During the funeral of my Father In Law the continuous words of :
service, loyalty, dedication, family,  the first and those words that
described a man that touched lives with his actions not just words.
A man who kept his word and went above and beyond to help his children,
his family and others that where blessed with his actions.

The talents that he had showed that when you got the right stuff it is Ok
to use it and share it especially for the Lord. I never had the impression that
my father in law was a selfish man, quite the contrary he seemed to be
the kind of man that would offer his opinion even when not asked
from time to time.
He was fearless of any man, but respectful and honorable to God.
His accomplishments ranged from being one of the  First Black Bus Drivers
in Jacksonville, Florida to creating a successful traveling band “Willie Beaver”
with the vocal talents of Mr. Willie Beaver  himself.  Working with Amtrak
as one of it’s first Black Chefs and having the voice that echoed the sanctuary
of several churches in Jacksonville, Florida and Miami, Florida.

A Great Legacy Through Children
I must highlight that his children are a strong extension to his legacy, each embedded
in their genetic structure a talent or skill that their father has blessed them with.
A blessing that many share in their cooking, singing, ushering, education, community
involvement, and hard work for their families and even friends.
The legacy of song is truly embedded and blessed in his children, the ability to
vocally translate a song from just lyrics to the inflections of vocal tones that
permeate the soul. The ability to bring a tear, a smile, the tapping of a foot and the
ability to help summon that Holy Spirit that seems itself to dance to the grace and
power of song emanating from the inner spirit of each of Otis Williams children.
Even young Kamryn says her talents from her grandfather are her cleverness,
singing and Smartness..

A Reminder of his Life
Mr. Otis Lee Williams will be missed by many, but if you ever need to see a physical
reminder just look at his daughters Cheryl and Prince to see his devotion to family
and friends through their family gatherings and the mission critical to get any job done
to the best of your ability. It is shown in their catering service Sister2Sister Catering
a growing service that has a great reputation of service.  Look at Jean to see his
gentleness that was hidden behind an inner strength. Look at Paulette to see his stead
forwardness and an inner energy that seems not to diminish. Look at his other children
both biological and claimed, even his grand and God children, that honor of him and
each has a unique talent and trait that has been passed down.
Otis Williams is not gone, but can be seen in the faces of his children, grandchildren,
God children and will be seen in generations to come.
As each matures they will share the skills their father has embedded in them, in their
children, their grandchildren so the legacy, the presence, the Anointing of Otis Williams
will continue through generations just as that of Joseph and David of Biblical scripture.

A Good Husband
Just as importantly in the matrimonial responsibilities of a husband: love, honor and
respect that is shown to Mattie Pearl Williams and Ethel Williams the women that truly
knew this man so full of life. They are to be honored, respected and cherished. They
remember the tinder times, the romantic times, the nostalgic times that bring a smile,
a laugh and maybe a tear. We honor their labors as wives, mothers and grandmothers.
We honor their service to their children in good times and challenging times. They are
models of the strong women that are spoken with respect, that are honored in the
community and in their churches. These mothers, grandmother, and even God mothers
are what young mothers of today should be looking to as models of how to raise their
children and how to take care of a family, not the selfish, materialistic,
and self gratifying women of mind altering Realty Shows. Maybe if more young 
mothers followed these women of God then more children would honor their
families, communities and churches.

The Success of Men
It is universally known that any man that is successful it is only because of the prayers
and love of dedicated and God fearing women; as she prays, works with and is in
service with her man to make any journey, any chore, any task especially one for 
the Lord a successful one. These women are too many times not honored, but this day
they are acknowledged and honored.
Deacon Otis Williams
Otis Williams will be remembered for many things, but when a man is remember by
his works for the Lord, he and his family are blessed and highly favored not just by
men, not just by women, but by the House of God, the community and his children.  
God Bless Otis Lee Williams - Deacon and Trustee

Otis Williams husband, father, grandfather, Godfather, uncle, cousin, mentor, role model,
father in law, a true man and just as importantly a Child of God.

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