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Transformation of Intellectualism between Husbands and Wives
Transformation of Intellectualism between Husbands and Wives

The transformation of intellectualism can be seen in the dialogue of men and women. There is less of the mind shared than physical contact which is temporary and results in self gratification for one partner, rarely for both.
The natural ability to engage in physical contact cannot
and should not overwhelm the intellectual contact that
should be between men and women first. Intellectual
contact and stimulation lasts longer than the sexual
triumphs of one night stands, booty calls, hit it and
leave it, slap it up, knock it up, drop it like it hot
and leave it for the next guy to hit.

Intellectualism between men and women has slowly
eroded to the point where both sides secretly complain
about a lacking of mental and intellectual stimulation,
when viewed at the lifestyles of both men and women
what opportunities are shared that would encourage a
meeting of the minds, a exchange of cerebral information
that brings an orgasm of psychological intellectualism
that is equal to the physical orgasm of sexual contact?
A mental orgasm will last longer than a physical one.
If you think not then think back on when you had the
best orgasm and with who, then think back on when you
had a great conversation that moved you mentally,
emotionally and even physically.
Which is easier to remember and has a lasting effect?

Maybe the solution is to turn off ESPN, turn off House
Wife’s, turn off the laptop, turn off the Hip Hop station,
turn off the Movie Channel, HBO, Cinemax, etc. open up
a book and read to each other, share mental stimulation
built on dialogue not the busy insanity of television,
Reality shows that destroy true reality. What kind of
man or women would not want an intelligent conversation
with is wife, lover, friend, and partner?
Men and women are loosing each other because they are
faster to grab the remote than they are each others
hands and have a “conversation.” Parents are
finding it harder to talk to each other and  “talk to
their kids,” so the end result is the imitation of
television and use of sarcasm, bullying words, cursing,
yelling, shouting and satire that they see on television.
This is why people have a television mentality, a television
vocabulary, television sexuality and a television
humanity; Malcolm X.

No wonder children can call their parents stupid, ignorant,
dumb, and other slang and disrespectful terms because
they get it from the TV, video games, rap music and from
their first source; their parents.

Why is it so hard to nourish your mind and spirit, why is
it easier to just watch the “Idiot Box” and nourish the insanity
of programmed words, programmed laughter, and programmed
thinking? Sometimes we have to look at our level of mental
degree or intelligence (Malcolm X) and check to see if it is higher
than the sitcoms we watch. Do we have a television brain, do we
embrace a television intellect, have we resorted to not
challenging our minds, not exercising the brain?

As a father, teacher, blogger/writer I have tried my best to
encourage the intellectualism of myself, my family, my children
and my students. We must let our children know they are more
than what they see on television, what they see in video games,
they are more than what they see on a news broadcast, what they
hear on the radio, what they see in a rap video or a comedy show. 

What controls the brain controls the body, where the mind goes,
so goes a person’s actions, behaviors, attitudes and emotions.
Look at how society is transforming; the Transformers said it right,
at one time they were a race dedicated to peace and exploration, but
they let their technology rule them. They became a race of conflicting
information, loosing their ability to judge right from wrong and
accepting anything as morally and ethically right even if others were
hurt in the process. War became common, hatred grew and after
while no one remembers how or when the destruction started.

When prayer was taken out of the schools, religion was not removed,
but the intellectual fiber of rationality, the essence of morality and the
ethical ability to empathize and relate to our fellow man. It was not  
the religious aspect that was lost, but the meshing of our intellectual
abilities to rationalize our personal relationship to know right from
wrong and the compassion that is based on EVERY religion to treat
each other with respect, love, patience, and morality.

Our intellectual abilities are not based on a television series, or a reality
show, but our abilities for men and women to communicate on a common
level of respect and understanding. Society is loosing this connection and
instead of talking with each other we are yelling at each other.

Listen to Malcolm X and his lecture on intellectualism and communication
for husband and wives. Listen beyond the religious implications, listen to
the discussion about conversation and intellectualism between husbands
and wives. This can be applied to any religion when a person grows beyond
their past. Get serious about learning, get serious about sharing and embracing
intellectualism, do you love your spouse, partner, just for a sexual gratification
or are you yearning for intellectual stimulation?

Malcolm X and Dialogue of Husbands and Wives

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