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Not A Perfect Man

I would not be a good role model if I did not Man Up to my mistakes.  There comes a time when a man is wrong and must admit that he is wrong. Sometimes men try to hide behind their weaknesses, there wrongs and their selfish behaviors by blaming others, making excuses and just wishing things would go away.
There should never be a time when a true man can
blame others for their mistakes and wrongs. I try
my best not to judge others, look down on others,
bad mouth or bad talk other men because
“I’m Not A Perfect Man.”

This is my public profession to all my brothers that
when you are wrong admit it!!
Better yet do not lie, do not hide the truth and do not
be selfish. Selfishness is like Pride – It will eat you up
and cause you to do wrong things in life. It will
cause you to mis – lead others. Even though you claim
to be caring, considerate and understanding if you are
not telling the truth it does not matter.
This is my public apology to my friend for not being
totally honest, for not telling the whole truth for not
being open and honest.

Honesty seems to be a hard thing in this day and age,
but when you are dishonest you hurt others it makes
 it worse. As adults we tell our children to be honest,
but when we are not honest we are hypocrites.
Selfishness for any reason is wrong so men,
Man Up, Step Up and Open Up to be honest to those
you love, those you are role models to and those you
claim to really care about.

My Brothers no matter your color, nationality, culture,  
or age men are men, If you are wondering what this is
all about, it is about truth, trust, honesty, and learning
from your mistakes. Too many of us (men) claim to be
good men and we may be in many ways, but we must be
good in our actions, deeds, examples, and roles.
Our women, families, children are damaged are hurt
because we choose not to be honest this is why our
women don’t truly trust us, this is why they question
our actions and why they are hesitant to open their

To my friend please accept this apology for my
selfishness, my pride and my dishonesty.  
I have lost a good friend, I have hurt a wonderful
person and for that I have learned a valuable lesson
that I need to share with other men.

Always tell the truth, always value your friends,
always no matter tell the truth, be honest and
be a true friend, always be a real man. The truth
hurts more dressed in a lie..

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