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Man Up for Health Summit
Man Up for Health Summit

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A Summit for Boys & Men that encourages healthy lifestyles and healthy choices in diet, sexual relationships,
drug use and exercise. The Healthy Jacksonville Men’s Health Coalition, Inc, will present a program that recognizes the health disparities of men and boys as they mature. 

The alignment of workshops, screenings and informational
sessions hopes to empower and encourage boys as
they mature into manhood the importance of health
conscious decisions now and into  their adult years.
Men are encouraged to attend to lower or eliminate
their risks of health challenges as they age into their
senior years.
Several studies conducted by the Health Department,
Jacksonville Children’s Commission,
Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. (JCCI) and
JCCI Forward has shown the potential future of
unhealthy lifestyles and choices. These choices could
lead to hospitalization, diabetes (elevated sugar levels),
hypertension (high blood pressure) and other health

2012 Man Up for Health, from the opening sessions to
vendor  times with important health screenings to the
large group sessions  all ties into filling in the missing
pieces of health related information and correcting
erroneous information on subjects such as diabetes,
hypertension, cancer,  sexual relationships, skin health,  
and the importance of exercise.

The opportunity to present information on other critical
areas as, Depression & Suicide, Sexually Transmitted
Diseases, Belly Fat in men and the involvement of
“Criminal histories and its direct and indirect affect on  
employment” presented by Jacksonville Area Legal
Aid and others involved in law and law enforcement
will share how the legal system addresses prosecution
and enforcement of the law and Constitutional rights

Community experts in fields of Sexual & Reproductive
Health for 13 thru 19 year olds, Sexting, Texting, the
pitfalls of technology for youth that are involved in
Social Media platforms (William Jackson),
Criminal Histories/ Employment (Jennifer Jerome),
Male Tune Up (Sharica Brookins),  and other experts
such as Matt Cafiso will share their knowledge and
experience in key areas of mental, physical,
emotional and social healthy choices.

The cut back or elimination of many community
services has created a gap in factual information and
leads the potential to spread false information
created from opinions, rumors, and urban legions.
Because of the lack of factual information boys are
becoming involved in dangerous actions that can lead
to contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases, spreading
HIV,  causing unwanted pregnancies, developing
childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes.
These are just a small area of health related concerns
that will be addressed, discussed, spoken and engaged in.

Youth are prone to receiving incorrect and potentially dangerous
health related information when they share information with
their peers. Bad advice travels fast and far, but good and
nutritious information is sometimes not accurate when
shared by youth. School Health and Physical Education
programs try to create opportunities for information, but
opportunities like this Summit should be taken advantage
of. As a PE teacher of over 20 years education and
informationare still important when talking to youth and adults.

Through the efforts of various community groups
throughoutJacksonville from Florida House of Representatives
Mia L. Jones District 14 and her Teen Dating Violence
Summit: Empower Yourself.  The Teen Leaders of
America program by Marcia Brown that teaches
leadership skills, held at Edward Waters College and the events
organized by the 100 Black Men of Jacksonville all
center around responsibility and accountability in making
healthy decisions.

2012 Man Up for Health on Saturday, June 9, 2012.
Attendance is FREE and lunch for the youth will be provided.
The Man Up for Health Summit will be hosted at
Florida State College of Jacksonville, downtown
campus in the Advanced Technology Center.

Participating partners are the Jacksonville Urban
League, Healthy Jacksonville, Duval County Health
Department, William Jackson (My Quest To Teach) ,
Florida State College of Jacksonville and Men’s
Health Coalition, Inc.

On Saturday, June 9th from 9am until 3pm the event
will provide valuable information that could potentially
save a life and help boys grow into healthy men.
In coordination with the event will be the Man Up
Motorcycle Ride for Health, for more information
on this event if you  enjoy riding motorcycles contact:
Donovan “D. Trim” Trimble :(904) 861 5772

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