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Mia Jones; Teen Dating Violence
Mia Jones; Teen Dating Violence

Mia Jones; Teen Dating Violence

Teen Dating and Violence Summit

This is a longer than normal blog, but the subject is very important and a Life and Death issue. The Prom season and summer months there is increased dating by teens. Parents should be talking to their teens about Dating Safety both young men and women. Women particularly because of the increased violence and deaths of young women in our community.
May is Mental Health Month, too many
girls and young ladies are suffering the
mental anguish and consequences of 
violence and abuse. The recent
Teen Dating Violence Summit of State
Representative Mia Jones hosted at
Florida State College of Jacksonville
North campus focused on the events 
that are happening to girls and young
ladies in Jacksonville, Florida. The issue
of violence against girls / young ladies.

The discussion of teen violence and aggression
to girls and women should not be silenced.
Recent media reports of violence against
girls, young women, adult women seem to
be increasing. Even the recent trials
of men killing young women are making
front page reporting in news media and television.

The recent deaths, suicides and reported
bullying actions of others either through physical
violence or cyber-bullying is creating a need for
increased involvement of community organizations,
educators, clergy, and those in political office like
St. Rep. Mia Jones.

Communities cannot be scared to talk about 
issues of violence against girls and women because
youth that are full of life and potential are dying,

Violence against women and youth are happening
weekly, just read the Times Union, Florida Star,
and other print media. Online media shows
nationally deaths happening from dating and
relationship violence.

The inhumanity and violation of a woman’s person’s
Constitutional Rights, Human Rights and Civil
Rights in the actions of Bullying and physical
violence is seen increasingly in the news media.
Bullying/Cyberbullying is creating tragedies for
too many girls / women.

Girls / young women should not be uncertain about
their safety. This issue of violence will not go away
and cannot be brushed under the proverbial rug
of ignorance and denial.

Bullying along with violence has grown past the
idea that “Kids will be kids” mentality. President
Obama states in the
White House Conference on Bullying
Prevention that no longer can Bullying
be thought of as boys will be boys or girls
will be girls. No child should feel threatened
with any type of bullying, cyberbullying or even

Girls today face extreme societal and peer
pressures, bullying, hazing and violence
should not be one other struggle to deal with.
Girls no matter their color, nationality, sexual
orientation, or differences that make them unique
should be disrespected. All youth deserve to be
treated with respect and dignity.

Violence has created human tragedies that state
and national laws are enacted to keep girls
safe from assaults. Assaults can be emotional,
psychological and even through sexual and
religious condemnation.  Girls are exposed to
so much that too many by their late 30’s may
require mental health counselling services.

Mia Jones, State Rep. D - Jacksonville, and a
member of Mayor Alvin Brown’s staff recently
held a summit called:
“Teen Dating Violence Summit:
Empower Yourself! “

I had the honor of presenting at the Summit.
St. Rep. Jones objectives were for 7th-12th grade
students invited  to attend this important event,
where the mission was to empower youth
with the tools that they need to prevent dating
violence, and safely exit a relationship should
they experience abuse or potential abuse.

St. Rep. Jones stated, “I believe that teens today
are not receiving enough messages about what
a healthy dating relationships look like, and in
some cases, that can lead to an unhealthy and
dangerous relationship. Teens are especially
susceptible to dating violence, because they are
inexperienced at dating relationships. As such,
they may be pressured by peers to act violently,
seek to be independent from their parents, and
subscribe to their own romantic views of love.”
The various workshops were:
What is Teen Dating Abuse, Patterns of Abuse,
Digital Abuse, Mis-education of Hip Hop in Teen
Dating, and Ending Teen Dating Abuse.

Violence from bullying, sexual aggression,
cyberbullying and other forms of control
are used to control behaviors of girls and young
women and actions. Using role playing as a model
the youth created strategies to prevent potential
situations and what strategies to use to
keep violence from occurring or increasing.

During my presentation with the youth I encouraged
role playing as an effective tool allowing youth to set
barriers to being disrespected. To mentally draw a line
not to be crossed with inappropriate or violent behaviors.
Inappropriate touching or verbally harassed in any way.
Physical violence is always predated by verbal assaults.
So if young ladies allow someone to cuss them once
t hey will continue to do this. It will eventually turn
to violence.

Media reports show the severity and brutality of
violence that girls are exposed to. The severity of
teen violence and degree to the levels of violence
would be gauged as War Crimes if actual war was
involved. Civil and Human Rights Violations could be
among the other infringements.
In some cases girls / young women and even
older women are on survival mode,
using “survival tools” to protect themselves.
Parents if you have not, now is the time to talk to
your girls, find out what is going on in their
life. The involvement by parents, schools,
clergy, law enforcement and even the medical
community with Mental Health Services may be
needed. Never assume your child is not facing
struggles or challenges. Keep open and non
judgmental communication between

you and your child or children.

May is Mental Health Month. Events like:
Teen Dating Violence Summit need to be
supported by parents, clergy and others to
support efforts to keep girls safe. It should
not be a one Saturday event, but a continuous
discussion, solidarity in preventing violence
against girls.

If parents are not involved the outcomes
may be more grievous with more girls
stressed, scared and feeling the only option
of escape is substance abuse, attempting
suicide and death.

Photos Teen Dating Violence Prevention
can be found at: http://photobucket.com/teendating

Teen Dating and Violence Summit


Domestic Hotline:
Domestic Violence1-800-799-SAFE97233) or
TTY 1-800-787-9884

Florida House of Representatives

Mia Jones Office
Bobbi Warford
District Office
Suite 901
3890 Dunn Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32218-6431
Phone: (904) 924-1615

Dr. Shalanda Moten
CEO of the Dating Violence Prevention Center (DVPC)
Preventing Dating Violence Through Community Education
P.O. Box 947947  Maitland, FL 32794
Office: 407.852.8489
Online: www.datingviolence.org
Facebook: www. facebook.com/datingviolence
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dating_violence

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