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5th Annual Urban League Empowerment Summit
5th Annual Urban League Empowerment Summit

Youth and teens attended the 5th Annual Urban League Empowerment
Summit which focused on three E’s: Education, Employment & Economic Empowerment.

Several workshops featured areas that youth/teens need to be educated
on that will become priorities as they mature into adulthood. Financial
Literacy, Career Decisions and Educational growth. The importance of
understanding the safe use of technology especially when accessing
Social Media and Social Networking sites was discussed. William Jackson
of JETI, Jackson Educational Technology Instruction and Blogger/Writer
with Jacksonville.com, First Coast News and Black Bloggers
Network talked to the youth/teens about their digital content and
information they access online. The content that they are creating
on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites can enhance their entrance into
higher education and obtaining jobs or stop them from being hired
and keep them from entrance into certain Colleges and Universities
and even the military.

To prove his point Mr. Jackson “paid” each person that answered his
questions correctly about technology with two to three dollars.
Representing that businesses will pay for knowledge and understanding
in technology. Youth and teens were paid which equalled about 25 to
30 dollars total as the youth/teens used their knowledge of technology
to answer questions and earn a “salary” representing real world knowledge.

Tyler a 6th grade student stated, “Mr. J really brought the message home
when he started paying us for our answers. Now I know I need to learn
more about technology.” Kisha a 7th grade student stated, “I’m glad Mr.
Jackson talked to us about computers, I know I can get another career
besides doing hair and nails.”

The more than 300 youth listened and answered questions during the
Social Media PowerPoint presentation. Social Media has become a big
part in how youth communicate, but the language used by youth and
teens may not represent responsible maturity. Youth are learning that
Social Media sites maybe good for making friends with similar interests,
but the inappropriate content teens create may come back to hinder their
growth in careers and higher education.

During the presentation important elements were discussed that all
youth and teens need to remember.
1. Anything posted online never goes away, 2. Sexting is considered
a crime and youth can be prosecuted for sending nude are partially nude
pictures, 3. Colleges and Universities are looking at Social Media sites of
those applying for entrance, 4. Employers are viewing Facebook sites and
reading Twitter feeds of potential employees looking at language and grammar.
5. People can copy your pictures and video to use against you later, 6. Girls
are just as talented as boys when using technology.

Youth must be careful about who they accept as friends online, not everyone
has their best interests at heart, there are sexual predators online that pretend
to be teens and dangers are always there. Youth and teens should continue
to be smart and continue to learn all types of technology.
Wm Jackson, M.Ed.

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