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Suicide Is Not An Option to Bullying
Suicide Is Not An Option to Bullying

Suicide Is Not An Option to Bullying

Once again a young life hangs in the balance, a life not truly begun. A young man presumably attempting to take his life because of the actions of others. The inhumanity and violation of human rights in the actions of Bullying.

Bullying is causing tragedies in too many young
people’s lives. Young people should not be
worried about their safety, especially their
safety on school busses and in school. 

A 16 year old Jacksonville High School
student should not be judged because of the
type of school he attends. All youth at one time
or another face challenges in school and society.
Today’s youth face extreme societal pressures
and peer pressure that many have never had to
face. Words of wisdom come to mind,
don’t judge a person unless you walk a mile
in t heir shoes. All youth deserve to be treated
with respect and dignity.

Having worked with FSS – Family Support Services,
BGC – Boys and Girls Club, ULA – Urban League
of America in Jacksonville, and other organizations
that work with youth. Even in my capacity as an
educator and mentor I have seen and intervened
in bullying incidents. All parties involved should be
counselled and shown compassion, the bullied and
the person(s) doing the bullying.

The incident on starts out as:
“Student badly hurt in apparent jump from
Jacksonville school bus had been previously

This 16-year-old student still remains hospitalized
and in a life-threatening condition. No one knows
the feelings, frustrations, or even the mental state
as he apparently jumped from the back of a moving
school bus. No one noticed or even cared to see
the signs of possible depression, anger, hurt or
other emotions that youth experience being bullied. 
This is a sign once again that more needs to be done
to help youth deal with being bullied and being the bully.

There were report of bulling actions on the bus,
but were there intervention, counseling or other actions by
parents, law enforcement, school officials, the
bus service or others? From news reports several
students reported to their parents that bulling was
being done and this action of jumping from the
bus by the young man was NOT the first time.

Even statements on, "The kid
gets picked on the bus all the time,” should have
been an indication that help was needed. Several
deaths resulting from suicide have been reported
nationwide. There have been seminars, workshops,
talks, discussions, these must be continued.

Parents talk to your children, find out what is going
on in your child’s life. Ignorance comes from telling
youth if someone hits you hit them back, this only
accelerates violence and makes more dangerous
situations. The involvement by parents, schools,
law enforcement and even the medical community
with Mental Health Services may be needed.

May is Mental Health Month. Events like:

Saturday, May 19:  Stop Bullying Now!

One Mile Fun Walk at the MOSH

Take in the beautiful view as you
stroll the Riverwalk, and join us for
snacks and fun at the MOSH. 
Your registration fee includes the
walk, a tee-shirt, snacks and program-
mming at the MOSH, and entry to the
MOSH for the day!

Need to be attended and supported by the whole
community. If parents are not more involved
the outcomes may be more grievous with more
kids stressed, scared and feel the only option is
to attempt suicide to escape their tormentors.


Read and Friday's Times-Union for updates.

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