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Teachers Support Town Hall at WJCT Studios
Teachers Support Town Hall at WJCT Studios


Out of several thousand teachers in DCPS there are only 180 teachers registered for the event TEACHER TOWN HALL Please Register @  http://floridateachertownhall.eventbrite.com

This is an opportunity to bring to light the professional concerns to increasing graduation rates across the state and voice to the learning challenges that students face.

If teachers do not voice their professional concerns, the challenges
students face in the community, in the schools and with societal
influences students will continue to drop out and the rates may increase.

A student’s educational foundation starts at home, but in many cases
parents are not aware of services provided to help their children. 

Students in high school need as much if not more that when they were
in elementary and middle school. The educational dynamics change from
year to year and many students struggle just to keep up.

The Teacher Town Hall is a great opportunity for educators to SPEAK
and for them to be heard.… If only a select few participate this sends a
message that the majority of educators are satisfied with the status
qou and there does not need to be modifications  to increase the
graduation rates of students. Educators we are happy and content with
the achievements of our high school students and nothing else needs
to be done.

History has shown that when the educational systems of countries
decline then economic stability declines, cultural value of education
and moral importance of education falls and the socio-economic foundations
begin to crumble. The results are lower tax support for schools, law
enforcement and other social assistance that rely on a foundational tax
base supported by employed workers that pay taxes and are educated to
work and pay the taxes that support our services.

Make the effort to attend and provide your voice and support growth
of the graduation rate in our school system.

Education influences the very foundation of a communities
advance or decline.

Addressing Florida’s Dropout Rate
Teachers, Let your voice be heard!!!
Saturday, April 28th
9:00am to 12:00pm
at WJCT Studios
100 Festival Park Ave
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Moderated by Al Letson
NPR’s State of the Re:Union

Please Register @  http://floridateachertownhall.eventbrite.com

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