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Cartoon Network Anti Bullying TV Program
Cartoon Network Anti Bullying TV Program

Cartoon Network Anti Bullying TV Program

Stop Bullying

The lethality of words can create psychological and
emotional damage that can span years in a person’s
life. Creating damage to a person’s inner being,
their self-confidence, self-awareness and even the
ability to appreciate their own self-worth.

The Power To Stop Bullying rests within all of us.
The ability to reason, comprehend and rationalize that
our words, actions and even in actions have devastating
affect on other peoples lives especially the youth.

In the upcoming Cartoon Network TV presentation about
Bullying, former NBA star Chris Webber, tennis champion
Venus Williams and NASCAR driver Trevor Bayne, talk
about  their own experiences being bullied. All are
successes in their own professional and personal lives,
but were attacked by words and actions of others when
they were younger. The continued irony is that thousands
of youth that are talented in many areas are bullied
because they are different in some way, but those
differences when nurtured, encouraged and supported
can help everyone in some way not just the person
with the talent.

Chris Webber shares that he was bullied,
They called me ‘fish lips,” harassed about his height,
“I was always the shortest boy in my class.” and the
struggles with his identity caused by being bullied,
I thought something was wrong with me.” Chris
over came this with support, but there are to many
that do not have support or encouragement from
others even friends and family that stand and do
nothing either from fear for themselves or not
knowing who to turn to.

Youth in our schools, community centers and even
in churches are bullied because in some way they
are different either through physical attributes
and abilities, cognitive gifts, talents or in some
cases because they are academically talented.

Cartoon Network reaches millions of kids weekly
with its programming. They understand the infl-
uence they have with connecting children, youth,
teens and even adults with entertainment. The
other dynamic is to reach this audience with
educational programming. Millions of kids are
affected by bullying and their tormentors need
to understand that their actions are wrong, hurtful
and potentially deadly by the actions taken of
suicides, attempted suicides and children being
slain by those being bullied and “fed up” by being
bullied constantly.

The Cartoon Network’s drive to “Stop Bullying:
Speak Up”
, also brings in the President that has
recorded an opening message introducing a 30-
minute documentary film “Speak Up”. This drive
has been ongoing since October 2010 and is a
multi-platform that focuses on motivating bystanders,
witnesses and others to bullying and to speak up and
help prevent bullying.

The best way to reach youth is to allow youth to speak
to each other and to share their stories. The stories are
“poignant, touching, thoughtful and optimistic, consists
of candid interviews with kids, mostly between the ages
of 8 and 13 years old, who either are or have been the
target of bullies, bystanders in a bullying situation or
even bullies themselves.”

This program is a half-hour film that premiered on
March 14, 2012, at a middle school on Capitol Hill in
Washington, D.C and airs nationally on Cartoon Network
on Sunday, March 18, 2012, check local programming
for exact time in your viewing area.

Other programming is available, but because of a more
gritty and adult language presence cannot be shown
on Cartoon Network, but parents, teachers, admini-
stration, those that are in Ministry and even in higher
education need/should consider viewing these programs
and if youth can handle it be shown them and discuss
openly and honestly about the issue of Bullying.

Even some in Ministry, Clergy and religious organiz-
ations refuse or deny there is bullying by youth,
teens, tweens, and young adults in church, but that
is a false and\dangerous continued way of thinking.
Just as the past incidents of religious leader’s con-
victions, allegations, exploitation of youth, sexual
harassment, cyber/sexual bullying and texting.
All these are forms and conditions that can be open
for bullying, this issue cannot be denied, Bullying
has many forms and faces in society.

The documentary “Bully” was produced by
Harvey Weinstein tells the story of bullying in
middle school and high school, but the language
is real and the emotions are true. The program has
a rating of R only because of the language, but it is
a well known fact that many teens when not around
adults do use profanity. Even those that choose not
to curse have heard words from either parent’s,
family members, in school, in their communities, in
video games, and on television.

Parents cannot have a head in the sand mentality
because this is real life and real kids.

Showing the extent and seriousness of bullying even
Sesame Street has created programming discussing
with young children about bullying. A special episode,
“The Good Birds’ Club” shows when Big Bird is bullied
by another bird in his neighborhood. On this level
the delicate issue of “snitching” and tattling is discussed.

Children are taught to seek the help of an adult they
trust. The realities of life are being faced by children
as young as three, four and five years of age.
The episode can be seen:

Parents take the lead and model for your children.
This is too serious a subject to not be involved in and
too dangerous not to talk to your kids about. Just
because children/teens don’t say anything does not
mean they are not affected.

Check your kids Facebook, Twitter feed, MySpace
and other online sites, but don’t stop there. Check
their phones, check their book bags, and check their
rooms. In honesty if you are too afraid get counseling
or law enforcement involved.

Ryan’s story about being bullied and his suicide:

Sit down with your children, your family and
friends and view this important work. You may be
surprised by your children and friends reaction.

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Stop Bullying

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Stop Bullying

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