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Branding Your Online Content
Branding Your Online Content

First impressions are important, more so in the use of Social Media when the average views to an online site
is 45 seconds.  Branding and marketing yourself is becoming a process on the level of an advertising corporation where executives plan complex strategies to attract and keep viewers attention.
Personal Branding and Marketing were just some of
the issues that addresses a person’s Social Media
presence. A person’s online presence is paramount to
establishing a valuable presence when
sharing content on a digital platform.

There is more to a personal place in cyber space than
just having a web site, a blog, microblog (Twitter),
it encompasses the complete Social, Mobile and Local
activities that allow a person to create valuable content
that is noticed and has return visitors.

The SoLoMo  Social Networking and Connections, Local
visibility and Mobile use of technology with SmartPhones
and Tablets. These digital tools allow a person, a business
and any organization to draw attention and attract followers.

The Central Florida Blogging Conference 2012 in Orlando, Florida shared
valuable information that demonstrates
those who take the role of “content creator” seriously
are Branding themselves as leaders and Marketing their
content to those that share similar interests and goals.

Blogging has grown beyond creating online content with
jokes, gossip, silly stories, scavenger hunts and other
playful content. The seriousness is found in the digital
creations that embed text, video, pictures and
multimedia interactivity that can invite viewers with
information to satisfy their digital thirst for genuine

When Blogging, a bloggers engagement aspect between
social media presence and physical presence has meshed
where each posses elements of a physical and digital
existence that creates partnerships and allows for
One of the important elements shared at CFLBCON
now Florida Blogging Conference is that when you blog
you are the “thought leader”, the originator of content
that is created to make change, to engage readers,
encourage feedback and even take action in community

Blogging requires creators to work to a higher level of
digital content accountability and responsibility for facts,
data, statistics and transition between private citizen
and journalist. Thought goes into the creating of Blogs;
blogs are not just random thoughts, but a collection of
ideas sharing relevant information. Blogging allows a
person to “Collectively Brand Themselves”, share their
Personal Brand and engage with their audience. When
you create content as a Blogger your audience becomes
engaged. You are respected as an expert in your field of
content creation whether you seek to be or not. It is your
responsibility to establish and continue a trusting and
accountable relationship with your viewers.  Even in
the Microblogging environment of Tweeting.  The
content in tweets is engaging and powerful especially
if the correct words are used to draw attention.

On a personal note, I have over 600 viewers that view
and become engaged in my digital content from my blog
to my tweets. These viewers are from various demo-
graphics and geographical locations. It is my responsibility
to make sure that my information (content) is relevant to
what they are interested in, or peek their curiosity to
encourage them to read. The job of a Blogger is to get Readers.
Engaging Bloggers at Blogging While Brown Conference  
in Philadelphia, Pa #BWB2012 and Florida Blogging
Conference CFLBCON, Orlando, Florida are so dynamic each
person attending has a particular area of focus.

Blogging has shown that technology and digital content
creation are driving forces in expressing opinions,
electrifying emotions and formulating ideologies.
Blogging is a driving force to new and evolving information,
this form of communication continues to grow. The
creation of content is emerging as a communication
tool that has to be noticed and valued.

Central Florida Blogging Conference Pictures

William Jackson, M.Ed.
Blogger, Speaker, Presenter
Consultant and Educator

Arlington Businesses