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Social Media & Technology Bar Camp
Social Media & Technology Bar Camp

Technology Bar Camp
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Tiffany Duhart,

Technology Bar Camp was an eye opening experience to the diverse world of technology and the integration
of technology in multiple career fields. Attending this years fifth annual event were computer programmers,
web browser developers, Java Script creators, Bloggers like myself, and other areas of current and emerging
tech developers.
Companies creating new technologies from coding to
virtual reality and interfaces that allow for the end-user
to “see” the web from different viewpoints and perspectives.
This conference and others like it, WordCamp
(Orlando, Fl) my WordCamp Pictures

accompanied with Tiffany Duhart of,
other conferences coming up Blogging While Brown
(Philadelphia, Pa), Central Florida Blogger & Social
Media Conference (Orlando, Fl), and a host of others
shows that technology and collaboration are essential
to the continuation of job creation and emerging companies.

The awareness of STEM is shown to be an important
element Science Technology Engineering and Medicine
in growing technology fields. Just three years ago many
careers in technology were not even available and careers
will continue to change as technology changes and the
access to information and use of data migrates.

Tiffany Duhart ( and of Jacksonville attended to
learn what was new in the emerging Social Media
technologies. Being an emerging leader, trainer and
Social Media consultant in Northeast Florida, Ms. Duhart
has shared her expertise with multiple companies in
Jacksonville and the development of:,, and emerging companies that use technology
to create and share digital content. Ms. Duhart is one of a
select few that have genuine knowledge and skills.

The selected photos and videos showed how people of
diverse backgrounds in nationalities, cultures and educational
backgrounds all shared a passion and zest for learning about
technologies of the 21st century and beyond. I attended to
learn best practices, methodologies and skill sets to share
with students as I teach technology at Edward Waters
College and within the Duval County Public School System.

As an instructor at EWC teaching Educational Technology it
is important to keep up with emerging technologies that I can
share with students majoring in education, mass comm-
unications and other academic disciplines. Integrating Social
Media in the learning curriculum empowers students, these
are the tools used for communication, collaboration,
information sharing and creation of content. 

As a teacher of over 20 years I have seen technology change
from the IBM 286 microprocessors, DOS Disk Operating
System, Microsoft Windows 3.1 and 95 Operations System.
From dialup access to the Internet to five browsers that provide
interactivity and virtual reality, to the current microprocessors
that can calculate millions of equations in seconds not minutes.

The changes in web development from Lynx browsers
(textual only) to the interactive web browsers of today include
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE) and
new developments.

Students of today should know how technology develops,
how it will affect their lives past gaming systems, beyond the
Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and the interactive
video exchanges like YouTube, Vimeo and others. Education
is expanding from traditional classroom instruction to teachers
becoming facilitators of learning, guiding instruction so students
are explorers, data managers, content creators and information

These are some of the skills students will need in order to
compete and work in the world of technologies. Bar Camp has
helped to expand my digital eyes just beyond my Blogging talents
and to embrace other tools that allow for more interactivity with
readers and content creators.

In another direction, minorities are the largest users of wireless
technologies. Accessing content using Smart Phones, Tablets
and soon this will change as new digital tools are developed.
Minorities in order to compete and profit in this century of
technical growth should be on the development and consultant
side not just the consumer side.

I’m looking forward to the Central Florida Blogger & Social
Media Conference in September of 2012 and attending Blogging
While Brown in June Philadelphia, Pa. June 1st and 2nd
why attending these conferences, where else will abilities and
talents grow than to meet, network, share ideas, experiences and
possibly collaborate on the next new idea similar to Google,
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or a myriad of new technologies.
Youth that are exposed to new technologies as Bill Gates
has stated several times, will be the new content developers.
Embracing technologies that will create careers that are not even
developed yet.

Wm Jackson
My Quest To Teach

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