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LinkedIn for High School and College Students

LinkedIn for High School and College Students

Competition for employment, internships,
scholarships, grants and other forms of
financial assistance and entrance into
higher education has grown tremendously
in the past years.

Students should understand that digital tools and
resources that aid in obtaining/starting a professional
career should be welcomed and a much needed investment
in time. Facebook and other social media outlets are not
valuable if they do not promote a students talents, skills,
abilities and leadership qualities. As an instructor at
Edward Waters College teaching Educational Technology
I attempt to empower my students with knowledge.

Social media protocols (tools) that diversity a student’s
connectivity potentially can grow into
employment and career opportunities.  A paradigm shift
is created in virtual networks for networking opportunities
and collaboration prospects. Social Media is opening
doors to creating networking connections that may lead
to internships, part time and full time employment.
Starting a new career or embracing entrepreneurial
opportunities some times needs a boost for added
exposure and networking. LinkedIn is a resource that
provides professional exposure not social media

One of the first challenges for students is
making “a person marketable and creating a per-
sonal brand (Tiffany Duhart, Internet Marketing
Expert, Then the task of high
lighting skills, talents, education, certification,
objectives/goals for success by the graduate is
easier and with more merit. A college/university
graduate must sell themselves to potential employers.
Technology allows for the transcending of physical
networking and allows a digital platform using
technologies like LinkedIn to make connections
that may have not otherwise occurred.

LinkedIn is arguably the largest online professional
network not to be confused with Facebook which is
a social network, and taking measures to adapting
to business. The versatility of LinkedIn can be seen
with its presence in over 200 countries and over
2 million companies have LinkedIn pages.
A student’s LinkedIn is to set up for “connections”
and “linking" within the network. The combination
of free and paid accounts can assist with connectivity
and increased link-ability with others. This is
important to understand when searching for entry
level, professional and executive level positions;
opportunities to Internships, volunteering and
mentoring also are available.
LinkedIn allows information that represents or
defines that person and their qualifications.
Companies can use key word searches to find
prospective candidates. A LinkedIn page houses
various information that can define who
a students is, allowing potential employers to
search by skills, talents, hobbies, volunteer/
community engagement, education, past employ-
ment experiences, associations and linkage to others.

The advantages of LinkedIn can be seen with photos,
social media feeds (Twitter, Blogging,,
RSS), having a personal URL (uniform resources
locator) or web address. This creates a foundation
to build a network, just as a house needs a solid
foundation LinkedIn allows a person to create a net-
working foundation based on their skills/abilities/
talents. The ability to LINK to others building or
constructing your network of potential employers,
business collaborations and entrepreneurs can grow.
This is a dynamic relationship on technical mod-
ification that enhances the user not like
a static traditional resume.

Teaching Educational Technology at an HBCU
Historically Black College and University; allows
the opportunity to teach on the benefits of social
media where typically it is not included in the instru-
ctional curriculum in High Schools or College/
University from lack of social media experience.
Overlooking virtual networking that social media
provides diminishes the connectivity in business,
education, science, medicine and personal prod-
uctivity. Competing on a global or
national scale depends on those you are connected
to, that is why the game of golf is held with such high
esteem. It is not just hit the ball into to little hole, it is
connecting, networking and collaborating with peers
or cross generational exchanges of information.

Integrating LinkedIn into my course empowers my
college students to bring their abilities to the educational,
business, corporate, scientific, musical, and other pro-
fessional worlds. Even though Mass Communications
is available, many programs still do not integrate Social
Media in to the curriculum, but education has embraced
and implemented it. HBCU students also cannot pass
up any opportunity nor can they not afford to miss any
tool that gives them a heads up that leads to academic
growth and career enhancement. LinkedIn will provide
High School students before graduation visibility and
a competitive edge when seeking employment and career
building. This is more productive than Facebook or other
Social Media sites that only promote entertainment.
The ability of LinkedIn to provide another resource in
the collaborative abilities of social media should not be
de-valued. Those connected can use several tools that
provide discussion forums, join groups that share
professional information and networking within their
own groups.

Words of caution for students should be considered
when joining any social media group caution should be
exercised when sharing personal information and the
type of digital content (text, words, video posted).
LinkedIn represents the community, not everyone who
potentially connects with you has generous or pro-
fessional motives. Just as in the “real world” be
cautious and informed.
When posting online content potential employers will
view profiles, checking spelling, grammar, and the ability
to write; creating digital content. It cannot be stressed
enough to be careful of what is posted online and who/
whom associated with. Embellishing (enhancing) your
qualifications and abilities can be embarrassing if truth
of what you can and cannot do so be sure when posting
be honest. When discussing qualifications and abilities,
the importance of internships, volunteering, mentoring
contribute to leadership abilities that many careers look
for. Do not pass up the opportunity to volunteer and
manage, lead, coordinate and take charge of situations,
this shows the ability lead under pressure, diversity in
leadership abilities, how your management style develops
and grows when working with peers or over generational

Making connections with Twitter, Blogging, Goggle +,
and other SM sites has possibly inherent challenges. Be
careful who you associate. People will judge you by those
you associate with. Access social platforms with
caution and wise counsel. Build your career with knowledge
and networking.
“Recruiting professionals strongly recommend using
business networking sites”
(Stone, L. Are You LinkedIn?)
LinkedIn – – - online free bio site

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