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Power of Blerds and Technology
Power of Blerds and Technology

The significance of technology for Blacks is seen in many aspects of society. Education, business, commerce, science, medical fields and even global marketing rely on the creating and sharing of digital content. Writing is important because of the ability to share information that engages, inspires and motivates, Blacks and the ability to write is important when competing in any aspect of business, education, medical field and science.

New words and acronyms have developed from
the insertion of technology into writing, the
human language is evolving and Blacks must
adapt to stay competitive.
Tiffany Duhart, Social Media Consultant shared
a new word with our traveling group of Bloggers,
as we travel to Blogging conferences in Florida.
She referred to us as “Blerds, ” I had to Google
this term and once I understood the association
to technology, intellectualism and education I
and my wife Cheryl (Sister2Sister Catering)
embraced our new titles as Blerds.

Blerds of Blogging
The power of blogging has opened opportunities
for many Blacks to share their experiences,
talents and skills. Blerds are Black nerds: Nerds
that enjoy sharing their technology talents,
an epiphany for embracing technology. The growth
of Blerds is seen in traditional media like
CNN, Black nerds, aka "blerds," is a way to
describe African American intellectuals in a time
when it's finally cool to be something other than
an athlete or rapper.

Rise of Black Nerds
Digital technologies embed themselves in the
 lifestyles of Blerds; people like myself and others
in Blacks communities nationwide. Seeking
information, resources, increased connectivity with
the world, no longer are athletes, dancers and
entertainers the only “cool” people in families.
More Black families want to see Blerds rise and excel
with the use of technology. To have Black youth grow to
honor students, excel in math, reading and writing. Blerds
are allowing intellectual exchanges, technology to span
distances to connect like minds across this country. The
nerdiness lines are transforming to the Blerdiness of
multiculturalism. This can be seen on Social Media sites,
BlogTalkRadio, Youtube and other sites that allow for the
posting and sharing of content. Blerds are Blogging,
Microblogging (Twitter) and Podcasting.

Blerds and the Expansion of Knowledge
Blerds support the expansion of knowledge, proficiency
of reading and writing (creative thought process/critical
thinking skills). Blogging requires a sharing of writers and
readers involved in a symbiotic relationship that is
dependent upon each other. Noted author and professor
Henry Louis Gates Jr., has stated the importance of Blerds
to the Black community. "It's good to see Black intellectuals
do well," he stated "We as a (Black) people are a whole
range of things, and we're finally starting to see that reflected
intellectualism" (CNN 2012).             
Blerds open a new world, a world of digitized content on a
multitude of subjects, creating cognitive Energon for the
brain. Blogging is vital, African Americans; because of the
wealth of information that helps in educational and professional
growth. African Americans need to embrace their Blerds and
follow them to a world of information that inspires, engages,
enriches and empowers.  These verbs show of the potential to
expand knowledge. Blerds are in areas of politics, economics,
business, medicine, education and sharing cultural diversity.

Endless Opportunities
The opportunities are endless as to what Blerds can do to
empower critical thinking skills into youth. The very nature
of the Internet is allowing Blerds to retrieve information, post
information that may allows others to grow beyond consumers
to producers of content. The capability for African Americans
Blerds to launch their own e-newspapers, e-magazines,
BlogTalkRadio and even e-television shows at low cost is within
the grasps of a person with computer technology. Blerds allow for
the minds of African Americans to change and allow an impact
in commerce, education, business and politics.

It’s Fashionable to be Educated
I’m an educator teaching Engineering at an elementary
school in Jacksonville, Florida. To motivate my student’s
involvement in STEAM Science Technology Engineering
Arts Mathematics I try to get them to identify with Blerds
in those areas to make a connection that will benefit them. 
The powerful statement, "It's fashionable to wear bowties
and be educated," Dave Nemetz, TV content producer for
Yahoo! "It's part of multiculturalism and with everything
blending together, there's a certain subset of (black nerd life)
that's becoming cool right now.” Rise of the Blerds.

William Jackson, M.Edu.
Blogging at My Quest To Teach
Proud Blerd


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