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Fathers Dance with Your Daughters
Fathers Dance with Your Daughters

Fathers are categorized, classified, labeled and tagged by society. Fathers face a tremendous responsibility in
raising their families as a whole and working with the individual characteristics of children and other family members.
Occasionally a father is required to step out of the box, get out
of their normal grind of life and step into a realm where the
unknown and uncertain are sure to bring hesitation and

In all likelihood a father may rather face a raging NFL Linebacker
or Defensive End than be put in the spotlight of a dancer. Thus
the pleasantries of dancing is not one of the duties outlined
in the Daddy book of Daddy Gotta Do. Daddies have to do a lot
to keep everyone happy and satisfied. It is not an easy job when you
are also considered the protector, advisor, disciplinarian and
even at times comforter. Daddies cannot be hard all the time they
have to have a soft spot in their hearts. There comes a time where
daddies have to show tenderness, kindness, and the gentleness of
compassion to comfort their children. Sometimes wives, girlfriends
and significant others do not understand the complexities of being
a father, stepfather, godfather and even a grandfather. Fathers have
feelings to and must show their nurturing side sometimes.

The term Daddy, Father, Pop, Dad, and other terms we create
to show admiration, respect and even alittle fear are directed at that
one person, a universal statement that means “He is the Man.”

There are so many songs in respect to fathers, but in my opinion
one of the best is: Luther Van Dross-Dance With My Father Again
because of the clear mention of the innocence of life. A father
tries to protect their children especially their daughters, baby girls,
sweet hearts, sugar lumps and other endearing terms. A father wants
to protect his daughter from all hurt and harm to keep her innocence
as long as possible from the hurts of the world.

That unique father and daughter relationship that is special not just
because of words, but because of hugs, kisses, backrides, shoulder
rides, playing tag, hid and seek, dress-up and the other things that
create a bond and transcends life itself.

The best way to see a fathers heart melt, a tear come to his eyes is to
have his daughter run to him and jump into his arms, hug his neck and
say in his ear, “I Love You Daddy.” No matter how hard a man thinks
he is these words can melt any heart, shatter any stoneface and weaken
a man almost to his knees. His daughter can make his heart skip a beat
and turn his spine to jelly. That is power of innocence and true love that
fathers cherish and work so hard to keep and protect in their daughters.

“A daughter needs a loving, available, predictable father or father figure
who can be counted on, whether divorced or at home. She needs his
best paternal intentions, even if his efforts occasionally fall short. Daughters
need a father’s maturity, understanding, discipline, wisdom and high
expectations for success. This will help his daughter function with
confidence in the wider world of adults and have a steadfast desire to
succeed in life.” Wm Jackson

On Saturday, October 20th 2012 the Daddy Daughter Dance will be held,
inspired by Girls Inc. of Jacksonville, a nonprofit organization that inspires
all girls to be  Strong, Smart & Bold http://www.girlsinc.org/index.html.
The importance of a caring, loving, dedicated and involved father are well
documented. Fathers do not have to be perfect, have the biggest muscles,
drive the fanciest car, live in the biggest house. Good fathers are involved,
loving, devoted, dedicated and human. Each of us has our frailties and
weaknesses, but the blessings of a daughter overlooks these weaknesses
of fathers and daughters love unconditionally.

So fathers, take the time to make lasting memories, instant smiles, create
laughter that will echo in the minds of your daughter for a lifetime and
bless your heart with love.

Take the opportunity to spend an evening with your daughter and Dance,
Dance, and Dance again. In the grand scheme of life daddies want their
children happy even if that means showing off his moves to the latest beats,
dowops and jams. You may not be able to Dougie, HipHop, Swag, Swing or
even Moonwak, but that does not matter to your daughter. They just want
to spend time with their daddy. That being said, mothers should encourage
a fathers and daughters attendance, helping to encourage and support both
the father and daughter to make a loving connection that will last a lifetime.

Moms encourage, inspire, support and lift up this opportunity for your daughter
and their father, stepfather and maybe grandfather spend time together. What
better way than at the Daddy Daughter Dance.
Just like this little girl recording her daddy doing the Dougie, each memory
is priceless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRZcHc9tmiU

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