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Community Service and JCCI Forward
Community Service and JCCI Forward

The Process:

”Bringing people together in an atmosphere
of mutual respect.” Ben Warner,
President & CEO
Community service extends beyond the regular
work day for professionals in Jacksonville.
Contribution to community involvement is
important to the growth and vitality of any city.
A civic connection and the participation of
young professionals outside of normal
business hours in community events and activities,
sharing in civic responsibility, being a role
model and mentor to others. These actions
display a respect and love that can only be
appreciated and understood by those that
volunteer as servants to their community.

The involvement of JCCI Forward (Jacksonville
Community Council Inc.) is legendary in its
community involvement not just as a nonprofit
organization, but as an organization of professionals
that are involved and dedicated to the Jacksonville
community. Members of JCCI Forward share
their organizational skill sets, leadership knowledge
and community resources. The availability of
forums, workshops and social events represents
a progressive desire to instill the value of professional
development and civic involvement that involves
young professionals the opportunity to be engaged
and involved.

The intent is NOT to be a geeky, nerdy, intellectual
group, some in the community mistakenly have this
perception, truthfully the idea that young professionals
can come together and share liked minded ideas
that improve their communities. The establishment of
an intellectual base is not the ultimate goal, but the
availability of mental stimulation along with civic
involvement produces growth in people that encourage
growth in the community. Common knowledge
suggests that a learning community is a growing
The connection and involvement of JCCI Forward’s
Executive Board and members extending into the
community can be seen throughout Northeast Florida.
Jacksonville is moving to establish herself as a major
partner in national and international business partnerships
and counts educational attainment, community support
and social engagement as a means to compete globally
and establish relationships that extend the profile of an
engaged community. Jacksonville, Florida cannot rely
just on the St. Johns River, ports, railways, military
bases and other businesses to promote this dynamic
and multicultural community. There must be educational,
technological, and multi dimensional markets that cater
to multi ethnic and cultural interests. JCCI Forward / JCCI
encourages participations from the whole community
not a select few.  

To effectively prepare our business and educational
community to compete in global competition, building
social infrastructures of learning and engage the
community at large. Learning opportunities, networking
functions, the relevant studies reinforce the presence of
intelligent, forward thinking community and vibrant
business / educational  community is only as strong as
the professional development and continuous
learning opportunities that are provided in a community.
JCCI Forward provides professional development,
forums and workshops that build skill sets second to

Business just as in education calls for an increased
presence of leadership to guide, inspire, encourage
and motivate the community for growth. JCCI
Forward’s networking extends beyond the workplace.
Extending in the community and sharing
a wealth of leadership knowledge, cultural understanding,
and financial experience. Establishing civic and
business relationships to create additional opportunities
to bridge cultural, ethnic, religious, gender and
educational gaps.

Being a member of JCCI FORWARD is a great opportunity
for people of Northeast Florida that share a mind set of the
spirit of civic commitment, an entrepreneurial outlook to
connect with business, civic involvement in our community
of Jacksonville. This is a win-win situation for a business
community and the educational community.

The quest is for the sharing of knowledge,
encouraging creativity, and progressive thinking
that contributes to the growth of the community.
Those in business, education and even social
avenues need to diversify their relationships and open
doors to collaborative efforts that benefit the
communities. What better way to promote the
positive aspects of lifelong learning and cultivate
relationships than to participate in organizations such
as  JCCI Forward that bring out the best in people
of diverse intellectual / professional backgrounds
with a desire of civic pride.

JCCI Forward is an initiative of JCCI that seeks to
engage men and women in civic involvement and to
prepare them for their future roles as community leaders.
The community at large and business community always
benefits when both understand their civic responsibility
and their connectivity to the success and growth
of the community. JCCI Forward provides avenues,
and opportunities for worthwhile engagement.

William Jackson, M.Ed.
JCCI FORWARD Executive Committee Member
Duval County Public Schools and Edward Waters College

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