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People of Color: Attend Conferences of Technology
People of Color: Attend Conferences of Technology

Blogging While Brown 2012 (Philadelphia) Technology Bar Camp 2012 (Orlando) WordCamp (Orlando) and other Social Media  Technology Conferences are powerful experiences to the diverse world of Social Media / Technology and the integration of technology. More People of Color need to be involved in attending, presenting and organizing technology directed conferences, seminars, summits and workshops.
Attending tech conferences are computer
programmers, web browser developers,
Java Script creators, new and developing
technology companies looking for new talent.
Bloggers like myself, Tiffany Duhart and
Lee Brown eagerly and willingly look forward
to learn and grow in our respective crafts. New
technologies are growing from software coding,
virtual reality, voice recognition interfaces
that allow people to speak to their devices
and even GPS systems that can pinpoint
positions anywhere in the world. Cars are
being developed that are hands free and
digital devices are seen on
advertisements that speak to their users.
Why would People of Color not want to
attend and learn how to empower their lives?

Conferences like Blogging While Brown
(Philadelphia), WordCamp(Orlando) and
the Central Florida Blogger & Social Media
(Sept 2012, Orlando) show the importance
of learning new and evolving technologies.
Attending and participating in the
learning process is vital to the growth of
People of Color and to be taken seriously in
an expanding technical world.  

People of Color need to be involved
and engaged, People of Color are the group
that uses wireless devices in America the most,
but the level of technology skill is at an
alarmingly low level. So low that when virtual
job fairs are being offered too many People of
Color are confused, unprepared and uneducated
about how to apply for virtual jobs.
The Virtual Job Fair of Work Source will
start Monday, June 11th

People of Color are falling behind in the
development of technology tools and should
be more involved in technology careers,
development and presentation at conferences.
Persons like Tiffany Duhart
( and attend to learn
what is emerging in Social Media technologies
that businesses can utilize as tools to grow.
An emerging leader, trainer and Social Media
consultant, Ms. Duhart has shared her expertise
with companies and the development of:

Women are emerging leaders in the application
of technology to create and share digital content.
Ms. Duhart is one of a select few Women of Color
that have genuine knowledge and skills to
develop content and present how to use
applications for business and social means.

Lee Brown, @TheIntellective a Twitter
(microblogger) and Social Media Blogger
and Food Critic
Shares his observations and expert opinions
on various subjects. Even though there are
more women involved in Blogging men such as
Lee are making a name for themselves.

As an instructor in higher education I attend
conferences to learn best practices,
instructional methodologies and skill sets to
share with students as I teach technology higher
education and with Duval County Public Schools.
Presenting at state and national conferences opens
additional doors to learn more, opens advances in
careers, collaborate on projects and networking.
Being one of a few Men of Color in attendance
at many events such as Bar Camp, WordCamp and
even Central Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference  
it is important to keep up with emerging
technologies that I can share in presentations,
seminars and workshops. Majoring in Educational
Technology during my Masters Degree studies
specifically to prepare myself to teach technology
to youth, teens and young adults who may never get
an opportunity to learn about emerging
technological developments.

It is important for People of Color to see technology
beyond social media, social games, social hookups,
social play and social justification for sexual encounters.
The upcoming Virtual Job Fair through Work Source
is a testament to the new transition of employment
selection process.

Virtual skills are needed in order to compete and
work in the world. Conferences allow for networking,
learning values to applying skills, applying skill sets
for jobs and changing mentalities about the application
of technology. People of Color in order to compete
and profit in this century of technical growth should
be on the research and developmental, consultant and
marketing side not just the consumer side.
Youth that are exposed to new technologies as
Bill Gates has stated several times, will be the new
content developers, the managers of information.  
Even journalism is affected many traditional paper
newspapers are loosing money because of digital
reporting. People of Color need to be more involved
attending and presenting at Conferences, Summits,
Workshops, Seminars and other events that
demonstrate how increased use of technology is

Embracing technologies that will create careers that
are not even developed yet. If People of Color
continue to make excuses for not attending technology
conferences the results may be they will be further
behind in educational empowerment and economic
sustainability in helping to create new technologies.
Where are today’s George Washington Carvers,
Emmett W. Chappelle, Women Inventors:
Sarah Boone, Mary B. Kenner, Mary B. Kenner just
to name a few and there are more

Educational access is a priority from the basics of reading
and mathematics to the development of technology skill
sets that will be the new careers and empowerment of
future leaders. People of Color get involved and get active.
Educational access is a priority from the basics of reading
and mathematics to the development of technology skill
sets that will be the new careers and empowerment of
future leaders. People of Color get involved and get active.
Support and attend conferences like Blogging While Brown
and others. If the opportunity presents apply to speak and
present, share your knowledge as much as possible and grow
into a new you.

William Jackson
My Quest To Teach

Arlington Businesses