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DA Mentoring with Song and Dance
DA Mentoring with Song and Dance

Pictures can be found at: http://photobucket.com/daare

Traditional methods of mentoring do not always apply to encouraging and empowering youth. Sometimes creativity and ingenuity are required to influence and reach young minds. In this age of high tech, high speed, multitasking, academic benchmarks and assessment standards new ways are needed to reach children to influence academic success and social behaviors.

The students at Andrew Robinson Elementary; a Magnet
school located in Historic Springfield, where entertained,
encouraged and inspired. All this in the form of mentorship,
role modeling and teaching.

Traditional mentoring programs that are in existence
at ARE “Real Men Wear Pink” allow men/fathers the
opportunity to create Building Blocks for Success in
academics and social behaviours while students are still
in elementary school.

Statistics show that if a child can be reached in primary
and intermediate grades of elementary schools they are
less likely to fail or have social challenges. Students do
not have to come from so called poverty, depressed or
challenged neighbourhoods or homes. Children that are
in perceived stable homes or environments may also
need a little push or attention to keep them directed
on the proper path.

The men/fathers volunteer their time for “Real Men
Wear Pink” to mentor students to better guide them to
success not just academically which is important, but
social elements are also important. Even such city wide
programs as Mayor Alvin Brown’s  Mayor’s
Mentors Initiative, United Way of Northeast Florida
Mentoring and Leaders in Training Program an Internship/
Mentoring Program in Jacksonville. These programs at
various levels involve business professionals seeking
to positively influence young people, to be mentors
and role models as future leaders in Jacksonville.


Andrew Robinson’s Kindergarten and Third grade students
were involved in games, song and dance as a form of
mentoring, role modeling and role playing when Douglas
Anderson School of the Arts visited.

The Douglas Anderson group called Vitamin DA an Issue
Based Theatre class uses their arts area talents.
Bonnie Harrison (M.F.A Theatre Performance) of Douglas
Anderson School of the Arts, the Vitamin DA program
that puts together scenes that encourage young people
to make positive life choices.

The interaction of these students were engaged,
involved and created a professional production and
presentation that had all students engaged.

The students at ARE participated in making safe
and healthy choices by watching dramatic scenes
about exercise, eating right, stranger danger,
bullying and setting goals for the future. The
use of interactive discussion and even group
discussion was used when ARE students were paired
in groups with DA students to talk about their
dreams for the future in careers, interests and

At the conclusion of the program students were
very appreciative of their interaction with the
DA students. This program shows that color,
nationality, ethnic background and gender does
not matter when mentoring, provide opportunities
for engaging activities that are fun, interactive
and even educational.

As Mayor Alvin Brown has stated, “Mentoring only
takes one hour a week and the reward is helping a
child reach their full potential.”
Mentors may not realize the full influence they
have on a child’s life and the lifelong influence
that is created, but the exposure, modeling, trust,
attention goes a long way to motivate a child to
reach their potential.

Pictures can be found at: http://photobucket.com/daare
Bonnie Harrison (M.F.A Theatre Performance) 
Douglas Anderson School of the Arts,
Vitamin DA program
904 346-5620  ext.133
Resources for Mentoring:
The United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters,
Take Stock in Children, Communities in Schools,
Mayor’s Mentors Program, The Bridge of Northeast
Florida and Duval County Public Schools’
Read it Forward Jax Program,
Girls Inc. Boys and Girls Club and a host of others.

Google mentoring programs in Jacksonville, Florida
to gain a listing of mentoring opportunities.

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