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Support the Arts in Schools & Communities
Support the Arts in Schools & Communities

Support the Arts in Schools & Communities                         

by William Jackson and Cheryl Williams
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and music appreciation is in the ear of the listener. The Arts play a key role in developing talents, abilities, skills and providing a canvas for youth, teens and young adults to display their many blessings that enhance our world.
Cultures globally are based on a foundation of music, arts, dance,
visual and auditory expressions. These dynamic patois (languages)
are not just words, although spoken word and poetry are included
in the Arts, but the rich dialects of musical didactics.

A society that does not support the Arts is a society that will loose
it’s SOUL, that Passion that lays within and the Sensuality
(not sexuality) that displays the inner testimonies to embracing a
part of the Soul that screams to come out, to express the feelings
of Love, Creativity and Unity. People cannot grow nor express their
feelings without the Arts. Even if lacking artistic abilities people
will absorb the styles and artistic residues that are created.

While Cheryl and I attended the symphony at the Times Union
Performing Arts Center, it was with our eyes, ears, and senses that
embraced the musical residues and majestic language of music
that words cannot express. Feeling the music as it dissolved in our
ears, but yet turned from sound to something spiritual as it seemed
to liquefy into our bodies. I have no musical talents, but Cheryl
an accomplished singer and seasoned performer; she is sometimes
respectfully and playfully referred to a Patti Labelle.

Cheryl has performed at several churches singing gospel songs,
performing with her father (Otis Williams) in the past when
Mr. Williams created a band that performed in Jacksonville and
and Miami. Currently Cheryl sings at West Friendship Baptist

Church during special musical events.  She also in her high school
years performed in the Andrew Jackson H.S. Marching Band,
Concert Band and other performances of music talent.  

As the symphony plays she delicately educates me on each
instrument and the intricate yet important part each piece plays
in a crescendo of sounds, vibrations and resonating emotions
that emanates from the musicians. The Jacksonville Youth
Orchestra, Major/Minor Concert, and Festival of Strings
were inspiring and breathe taking.

As a teacher I’m proud to see some of my past students that now
attend Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, LaVilla and other
middle and high schools play with such discipline and refinement
it is almost mystical. The Arts create self discipline, self awareness
and elevates levels of accountability and responsibility in young
people that no book can teach.

The Arts allows youth to see inside themselves and understand that
the only limits they impose on themselves are only in their minds,
and these can be overcome with practice and diligence in the perfection
of their crafts.

Nationally there is a continued justification to support, finance and
accommodate the Arts in Schools and throughout Communities.
A city, town, principality, municipality or village that does not support
the Arts is a place with No Soul. It has a void that does not allow for
the expression of passions and emotions through Arts expression.
There is a vacuum left that makes the heart and soul feel lonely and

I will not go into data, statistics, analysis nor numerical evangelism
for the benefits, and needs of the Arts. I encourage parents to support
their child or children’s artistic desires. To support their talents that
will ultimately allow hidden and unknown talents to blossom. The
travesty is never finding out the potential of youth, never giving them
the opportunity to find their inner passions and blessings that we all
have in different ways.

Parents support, encourage, anoint, pray, speak into reality the gifts in
your children. Not every child will play sports, not every child will be
a scientist, doctor, lawyer, educator, but some have the anointing to
bring change in the world through their artistic talents that lay
dormant and untapped. It is a parent’s responsibility to bring out and
provide a foundation for their children to be a part of something bigger
than they are.

Parents, grandparents and guardians, take your families to the symphony,
to the museums, and other venues to appreciate the diversity in the
community. Support the Cathedral Arts programs, Art Walk,
Museums, Funk Fest, Jazz Festival, World of Nations and other events that
encourage artistic talents and family/community unity.
Jacksonville Symphony

The Jacksonville Youth Orchestra

Support The Arts and support the growth in your community.
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