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The Faces of Poetry - Youth Poetry Slam 2012
The Faces of Poetry - Youth Poetry Slam 2012
The Faces of Poetry - Youth Poetry Slam 2012

Youth itself is a talent. Eric Hoffer

This year the Youth Poetry Slam has grown to showcase the multifaceted talents and vocal abilities of youth between the ages of 11 and 18.
The gifts and passions in their craft is not hidden
nor confined to just spoken words, but the lyrical
ambiance of emotional release of feelings, passions,
mental release of contained energies and in some
cases the frustrations of growing up in complex
social and family circumstances and situations.

To hear the vocal dynamics of these youth betrays
the adolescence of their existence. Speaking from
what seems years of life and a lifetime of experiences
can be heard in voices that oscillated in pitch, tone,
volume, and didactic qualities. 

Created by Tonya M. Smart and others with a passion
herself for Spoken Word and Poetry, Tonya annually
provides a platform at the Jacksonville Public Library.
This year ‎17 kids competed in the Slam and it was
one of the most diverse groups of poets ever attended
by youth in Jacksonville, Florida

Comments such as, “Good poets. Great kids!” and
“This was 100 times better than any adult open that
I've been to in a while.” “One contestant spoke French.
WHOA! These kids are humble as well. LOVE IT!”

These youth that attend our local schools from 11 to
18 years, youth show that this event has the potential
to be a national or even an international event from the
hard work and dedication of Ms. Tonya Smart and those
that assisted in making this a success for another year.
Thank you to the sponsors that help allow this event
to be held, more organizations need to be involved in
providing refreshments to the performers and the public

”Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty.
Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows
old.” Franz Kafka

Providing help for this event was: Donnell Bennett,
Emanuel Washington, Larry Knight, Kia Nicole,
Taryn C Wharwood, James E. Thomas, Roxann
, Mia Elizabeth Clark and others who
worked behind the scenes. A well deserved
THANK YOU is extended to all that
contributed whose names were not mentioned.

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