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by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Encouraging communication between parents and their children.

On with the dance! let joy be unconfined;
No sleep till morning, when Youth and Pleasure meet
To chase the glowing hours with flying feet.
George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
What state of mind will parents and their children be in as
Prom Night approaches for students?

Prom Night is the culmination of a school year built from
memories that will last a lifetime. Prom Night is the conclusion
of high school for many of years of academic nurturing, psy-
chological reasoning, mathematic calculation, scientific
exploration, awakening social consciousness, emotional maturity
and the realization that parents are sometimes correct in their

Students will remember many of the relationships, friendships,
embarrassing moments, happy times, stressful times and even
times they wish to forget. The Prom Night is an opportunity to
close the proverbial book on the academic year and life as a
High School student for the students graduating in 2012.
Parents should remember their High School Prom and the days
leading up to it. This is an exciting time for High School students
in preparation for memories that will last the rest of their lives.
Those that attended their High School Proms to this day
remember the events that happened. Each hour of Prom was a
journey in a new direction of realizing the end to years of High
School life are coming to a close.

Parents must choose wisely the words that they instill in their
children, this is also a stressful time for parents because their
child or children are growing up, becoming a woman or a man.
Developing into the person that will define their existence and
will either lead to a life of success, accomplishments or a tragedy
of a life time of fleeting memories of the past and unfulfilled
wishes of the future.

Reality is sometimes harsh, but very much real as time goes by.
The Prom represents  the closing of the doors of adolescents,
immaturity, irresponsible behaviors and opens
the door of adulthood, being responsible for the actions and
in some cases in-actions that will determine the direction of
growth. What better way to conclude the school year than with
music, friends, food and good times.  

A quote about High School life, ”We could love and not be suckers.
 We could dream and not be losers. It was such a beautiful time.
Everything was possible because we  didn't know anything yet.”
Hilary Winston

Parents must still be cautious of the dangers that are hiding in the
back of the minds of youth because of  youthful exuberance and in
 some cases inexperience of alcohol, drugs, sex and driving. Youth
still think they are invulnerable to the tragedies that may occur in
life. Living for this moment should be built on fun and joy, not
the heartfelt pain of injury or death.

Parents should balance humorously and seriously reinforcing in
their daughters that young men at this time of Prom Night and the
blossoming of Spring are as writer Jayne Mansfield describes:
“Men are those creatures with two legs and eight hands.”
Instilling the virtues of being
cautious and for young men to temper their feelings with
respect for the young lady they are escorting. Young ladies
as well be respectful to your escort, don’t lead them into
actions that may later cause unfortunate reactions that could
cause hurt or harm into the future.  As a parent, a teacher
and mentor my charge is for parents to be open and honest
about their expectations for their child’s behavior and actions.
Prom is the last opportunity to create wonderful life time
memories, talking points for future reflections and sharing with
family and friends.

Parents be true to your heart and be open and honest, share
your concerns, and your expectations with your child or children
and their friends. Open your hearts and minds, and in many
cases the purses from auntie, grandma, nana and wallets of
dads, stepdads, granddads, and uncles in support of Prom Night.
This is important to the young person and they deserve to be
supported.  Just as the African proverb it takes a village to raise
a leader, it also takes a village to make a safe and happy Prom Night.

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