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Blacks In Wax Museum Hosted by Andrew Robinson Elementary
Blacks In Wax Museum Hosted by Andrew Robinson Elementary

Blacks In Wax Museum Hosted
by Andrew Robinson Elem.
by William Jackson, M.Ed.

Iconic figures of Black History visited Andrew Robinson Elementary
during  Black History Month.

Students from Andrew Robinson Elementary, Highlands Elementary,
SOS Academy and several churches were in awe as historical figures
gazed with prominence and stood stately and impressive during Black
History Month at Andrew Robinson Elementary School in Jacksonville,
Black History Month had a new meaning this year as the nationally
acclaimed Blacks In Wax Museum of Baltimore, Maryland presented
historical Black wax figures from Black History.
Many of these historical figures are only seen in documentaries or in
history books, but for weeks at ARE provided students the opportunity
to see and learn about these amazing inventors,
entrepreneurs, scientists, scholars and educators.

It is hoped that the presence of these individuals will inspire the youth
that attended to continue careers in diverse areas.  The Black History
presentations conducted by Dr. Joanne Martin will continue to
encourage youth in making discoveries and advancements in areas
such as science, technology, agriculture, business, hair care,
medicine and education by the students that listened,  interacted
and asked questions from Dr. Martin about her and her late husband’s

Andrew Robinson Elementary School a Magnet School has a focus on
STEM Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. Each of the
visiting historical Black figures represents some area of STEM which
are the areas of need in today’s career based dynamic needs in society.
Exposing students to the fields of STEM allows elementary students
the chance to start focusing on higher education, vocational education,
advanced careers and the importance of graduating high school to
continue on with their education and career aspirations.

College is not the end of learning it is the beginning of the continuation
of academic and professional growth. Students at ARE learn that life
is a lifelong learning process, schooling/learning continues throughout life.

The Blacks In Wax Museum ( founded by
Dr. Elmer and Joanne Martin during the 1980’s.
Readings from the web site states,” The National Great Blacks In
Wax Museum is among the nation’s most dynamic cultural and
educational institutions. Because it is a wax museum committed
solely to the study and preservation of African American history,
it is also among the most unique.
Primarily, the presentation of life-size, life-like wax figures highlighting
historical and contemporary personalities of African ancestry defines
its uniqueness.”

Andrew Robinson Elementary students have learned a great deal
about the history of great African Americans that will be with them
throughout life and inspire greatness and success in them.

Pictures can be viewed at:

The Blacks In Wax Museum is sponsored by Southwest Airlines


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