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Southside Man Believes He Was the Target of a Flat Screen TV Scam
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville man thought he was getting a good deal on a television. However, he said he almost got scammed when two men offered to sell him what "looked like" a flat screen television that was still in the shrink wrap.

The "TV" even came with a remote control in bubble wrap. That turned out to be cardboard wrapped in black tape and bubble wrap. It was a fake, just like the 50-inch television.

"It looked like it was brand new, coming out of the box," said "James."

The Southside man didn't want to show his face or use his real name, but did he wanted to tell First Coast News all about two men who he said tried to sell him what looked like a television set late Sunday night.

"I asked him how much it was, he said $500." 

The man, who we'll call "James," acknowledges this was pretty much a "street deal."

He said he was approached by two men in a parking lot off University Boulevard.

While he knew the men were not from a reputable electronics store, he thought the offer was tempting.

"I said, 'Let me take a good at it,' because it sounds like a good deal.'"

"James" did not give them any money, but wanted to take a better look. He said the men helped him carry the TV inside, so he could plug it in.

"When they made this, it is almost the same weight as a TV would be."

However, "James" said the men got nervous when he and some friends decided to cut a slit in the back of the wrapping.

"I went to open it up and he said, 'I left something in the car,' and I never saw him again."

It took just a few minutes for "James" and his friends to realize this was a big piece of plywood, wrapped in black tape--a fake. 

To "James," it looked so real, he believed this could be the work of professional scammers.

"I can say this isn't the first time they've done it. And I can also say that I'm not the first person it has happened to."

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said its Economic Crimes Unit has not heard of any other cases like this one.

"James" did not report this incident to JSO, because he was concerned for own safety and did not want to get involved.  

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