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Arlington Community Tired Of Tree In House

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In August, a huge oak tree fell onto an Arlington home in foreclosure -  and it's been sitting here ever since.

"The house is in foreclosure and Bank of America is the lien holder," said Naomi Karkanen, vice president of the Colony Cove Civic Association. She has called the bank a dozen times.

"The response has been to shuffle us from one person to another," she said. "We have made phone calls to Bank of America preservation; they have no interest."

The tree has breached the property in two areas and its weight has caused a hole in the ceiling.

"There's a lot of frustration...the house was gorgeous and it is being ruined by the rain, the humidity, by animals getting into there," said Karkanen. 

"The house is going to be worth nothing."

The city's municipal code enforcement division has issued a citation to the property owner on record, and is waiting on a response.

But in this Arlington Community they just want this mess cleaned up.

"I would like to see the tree removed and the hole covered with tarps at least," said Karkanen.

Bank of America spokeperson Christina Beyer Toth said the company is aware of the situation and is sending a contractor to the property to remove the tree and rfix the house.

"The work should begin in the next 24 hours.  Bank of America's goal is to maintain properties in our possession to "neighborhood" standards. The property is still in the foreclosure process and has not yet gone to foreclosure sale."

According to Jacksonville's Municipal Code Enforcement, there is an  uptick in nuisance complaints with foreclosed properties in three areas:

  • Unmaintained swimming pools
  • Vacant or opened structures
  • Overgrown yards.

City spokesperson Renee Brust said anyone with a problem like this one should call 630-CITY (2489). 

problem like this one should call 630-CITY (2489). 

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