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Missing Headstone Mystery is Solved

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Last week, we brought you the story of a Jacksonville veteran with a dying wish.

He wanted to find the family of a woman whose headstone ended up outside his home two decades ago.

And now we have some answers, but the full details of this story and all its answers can probably only be found in the trees in Arlington.

It goes back years and years....and centers around one woman; Mattie L. Metcalf.

We first introduced you to a very determined Earnest Luttrell last week.

"There's somebody out there that deserves a headstone that doesn't have it," said Luttrell.

More than 20 years ago, the Army veteran found Mattie L. Metcalf's headstone in front of his Arlington home. He believes some teenagers threw it down. Since then, he's searched all over to find her family.

"No answers whatsoever," said Luttrell.

No answers...until this visit from a man with the Metcalf name.

"Are you the uhh?...... I'm a Metcalf."

James Metcalf is Mattie Metcalf's grandson.

"Ellis Monroe was my granddad," said Metcalf.

He never met his grandmother.

She died in 1930. He didn't come along until six years later.

"She got cancer and passed away. She had 10 children," said Metcalf.

For all these years...Luttrell has worried that since he had the headstone, it was missing from Mattie's gravesite.

But there was no need to worry.

Turns out Mattie, also known as, Martha Metcalf has shared a headstone at Arlington Park Cemetery with her husband Ellis since 1953.

"So they would be side by side," said Metcalf.

The question still remains though--

How did that old headstone end up more than a mile away at Luttrell's home?

"Yeah, it's just a mystery," said Luttrell.

A mystery Luttrell says he had to solve.

A mission that became even more important recently. He has cancer and feared he'd never find the answer before he died.

"I'm glad the headstone is going to the family where it should be," said Luttrell.

And while a grandson has gained a heavy piece of family history...

"What's really heartwarming is to help out the problem that Luttrell had of wanting to find out where it belonged," said Metcalf.

No one may ever know the full story of the travels of Mattie Metcalf's headstone.

If only these trees could talk.


































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